How to Wash Rain Jacket

Rain Jacket is the outer garment, which clean the ice quite often neglected. In general, plastic-coated raincoat cleaned by wiping the surface with plain, but occasionally rain jacket may be a reason to wash a little more thoroughly. Here are some ways to wash and treat raincoat comments.

Washing and Cleaning Rain Jacket

Raincoats beautifully made ​​highly resistant to machine washing, but in many cases it is possible to carry out the washing raincoat also simply by spraying with water between October and April. The work can also assist in the sponge or cloth moistened with a mild liquid laundry detergent – – this treatment will last all intact raincoats. If a raincoat is not particularly dirty use of detergent is not really a need. If raincoat decided to wash in the washing machine turn the rain jacket inside out (the inner surface on top) for a period of washing, and remember to close the jacket with zippers and snaps carefully before washing. By doing this is to avoid unnecessary wear jacket top surface during washing. Generally, rain jacket is washed at 40 degrees temperature washing (check the temperature cleaning entries) without spinning. In order raincoat straightened well after washing, the jacket is a good idea to take the machine off as soon as possible after the end of the washing program and set Hanger (vigorously) to dry. When the rain jacket is washed in a washing machine for the first time, the jacket may remove the color. For this reason, especially in the vintage raincoat first wash is good is performed separately from other laundry. Rain jacket with less need to use any detergent, but if necessary can be used in mild detergents. Rinse wash the raincoat did not need to use.

Rain Jacket Treatment

Storage Rain jacket is part of the raincoat treatment. Rainwear should be kept preferably in direct hanger hanging. If there is a danger that the jacket becomes strong folds which may erode over time, rain coat the surface of the shelf is folded rainwear. Rain jacket and to store it in a place where the jacket is not stored repeatedly exposure to direct sunlight or radiator, for example, the rising hot air. One part of the raincoat treatment is also checking of the ventilation holes in the jacket of accessibility. In general, raincoat underarms can be found in a few fixed hole, whose task is to ensure air circulation inside the jacket. If these holes go to one reason or another will be blocked raincoat very sultry. As part of the raincoat treatment can also be considered the transfer of the rainy season I live in storage for a period of winter cold weather, because rain jacket is not really designed for use on cold winter nights; which is why the surface of the material can suffer when frozen.