How To Wash Jeans?

First wash the jeans better to spend them immediately after purchase. As a result, the fabric will soften, and it can, in practice, to ensure the stability of the dyes. Is highly recommended to refer the jeans to dry cleaners-chemical exposure denim worsened appreciably. Most of all the jeans that are commercially available fused, so chemical treatment unacceptable. Keep in mind that after the visit of jeans in the washing machine drying, put them pretty easy.

But even washing at home does not guarantee to preserve the old forms of jeans. Special care should be taken to spinning. best to wring their hands jeans , then straighten out and hang on the rope.

Select the wash water temperature will help you especially left symbols on the label. Strictly follow these recommendations, as it affects the durability of the fabric.

Before washing the jeans, soak them in warm water for 30 minutes. One should not pour powder directly on the fabric, it must

Diluted in water and used in that form. The maximum temperature of the water at the same time-60 degrees. In no case do not leave your jeans in the water for an extended period of time (more than 3 hours).

Before washing the necessarily attaching the zipper on his jeans as well as retro blouses. They should be gut cutting just to the left.
Do not buy the powder, which are present in the composition of bleach. To protect themselves from dyeing fabric, not just wash a few things. When it comes to washing black or colored jeans, it makes sense to add the water a few drops of acetic acid.
As practice shows, the jeans very comfortable to be washed by hand, using a clothes brush. It should not be too intense at the same time rubbing the polluted areas. From washboard better not hold the primary structure of the tissue. Jeans should be on a flat surface during the washing, some other cases inevitably formed whitish tracks apply pile brush. Inside pockets should put a tight soft tissue.

After washing the jeans must wash in the shower. The water temperature should gradually be lowered from a high to a low.

Dry the jeans inside out position should be by hanging them at the waist. But they should not be in the Sun. Try not to wear jeans on, until they are completely dry.

The leather label has not lost form during drying, it is sometimes smeared with glycerin.
Retts jeans are not necessarily, but you can. Just don’t push out with the “arrow” on the basis of this could turn into an ugly white line.
There is no point buying jeans “for growth”, as modern manufacturers offer only “podsazhennye” products. If you notice that you have been frozen on her knees and began to shine around the pockets of your old jeans, it’s time to buy again.