How To Use Male Bracelet

If you look at the pulse of the most stylish men in the world, the chances are great to find a bracelet that way.Or rather, “bracelets”, in the plural.

Want a sample? Get in there on Instagram of Mariano di Vaio, with their 3,400,000 of followers, to see how he doesn’t let go of these accessories.

According to localbusinessexplorer, the men’s bracelet is a trend that is already strong in Europe a few seasons; no longer the Johnny Depp and Keith Richards that use only.

Here in Brazil, the pulseirismo fashion also picked up.What a great news for us, because it emerged several online shops specialising in this type of product.

How about letting your most stylish wrist, then? If you don’t know how to start. Here are 5 ways to use the men’s bracelet with a lot of class:

1# Nautical Bracelet With Watch

The nautical bracelet is one of the most high, especially with the closure of anchor. By mail to the sea, she is perfect for the summer, but it works well in any season. Versatile, you can find in various materials—leather, rope, nylon.

About the colors, blue is the most popular, for an obvious reason: remember the ocean. With matching red and white, so it’s perfect. But don’t be afraid to dare. Both the flashy colors (green) to the sober (like Brown) have your charm.

If you want to take a step further, combine it with a nato Bracelet Watch. You can’t go wrong.

#2 Wooden Beads

When the subject is the wooden beads, unity is strength. The cool thing here is to use various bracelets at the same time, which creates an amazing effect.

By rustic earth tones visual stand out. If you are now beginning to use bracelets, it is best to follow this path at the beginning. With time and gaining confidence, you may also risk ethnic themes, stones, etc.

The wooden beads are good with casual looks and even formal.

2 # Metal Combo

The metal bracelets are on the radar for a long time.How about you go further and use a combo with various models of different texture. Look here, in these photos above, as is show.

But be careful: If you overdo it, it’s going to be like a rapper of ostentation. Run the rings too wide and also give preference to silver bracelet; the gold can be nice, but is asking double care.

#4 Braided Leather Or Plain

We’re already accustomed to using leather feet (boots) and back (jackets). So know that the wrist is also a great idea, especially these days, when the trend lumber(lumberjack) is everything.

The leather bracelet has a strong air of masculinity. If you want to make a bet, go in it, to be effective on smooth, twisted or bracelets. Also, you can use them all together, too.

5# Mix Of Various Styles

If you already have experience with bracelets—or are willing to risk—what about making a mix of various styles. The combination of leather, silver, strand and company can generate an extraordinary effect.

Not to mention, of course, a nice watch to give the final touch.

My suggestion is to start playing safe (both in colors, models or combinations) and take more ambitious steps over time. Thus, you will discover what suits or not with your personality.

Remembering always that the bracelet should talk to the rest of the look.