How to Use: Jeans Jacket

Inspire yourself in the look of the famous and see how to combine the play!

Inspire yourself in the look of the famous and see how to combine the play!

With this kind of crazy time that you’ve been doing, we never know how temperatures are going to be in the next week! So, since we already talked about the Aviator jackets, which are super warm, now is the time to speak of an excellent option for the freshest days: the denim jacket!

The denim jacket is a classic and essential part in any wardrobe, it’s an item of the kind that you have to have for your whole life, you know!? The best thing is that she combines everything with no big rules of “can or can’t.” You want to see it?

Jeans jacket with dress

Emma Roberts, Jessica Szohr, Reese Witherspoon and Michelle Williams

When worn with more larguinhos and short dresses, printed or not, the denim jackets give a more romantic and youthful air to productions according to growtheology. Moreover, they still make the feminine look more modern.

Jeans jacket with skirt

Rachel Bilson, Keira Knightley, Kelly Osbourne and Cameron Diaz

In addition to the dresses, the shorter skirts also make the look more modern and pass the impression of a more relaxed look. The cool is to play with the lengths and wear a jacket always a longer pouquiiinho than the waistband of the skirt.

Jeans jacket with jeans pant

Emma Roberts, Kate Moss and Sienna Miller

The pair of jeans with jeans are the easiest to miss when we talk about this jacket! Although it is a high look, always try to use the two pieces in different tones and leave aside items with the same washing or customization, such as tacks for example, not to look like a “uniform”.

Jeans jacket with leggings

Blake Lively, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian

Jeans jacket with leggings is a great option for day to day! In addition to comfortable, the visual gets even more stripped and can play with accessories like the handkerchief. A good option is to use them with longer T-shirts and Larguinhas.

Jeans jacket with Maxicomprimentos

Emma Roberts, Gwen Stefani and Rafaeli Bar

The long dresses and skirts give a lighter air and boho to the productions. It’s worth betting on these pieces, since they’re super high, and they’re going to make you even more fashion! Prefer the shorter lengths to a more feminine look.

* Winter tip: You got the urge to wear the jeans but you’re doing sooo cold? Combine with a sweatsuit underneath, leaving the hood out of the jacket, or bet on overlay with a cardigan of wool!

So, did you like the tips? How do you like wearing jeans?