How to Use Colored Sandal

The summer is here and with it the colors and prints that rejoice even more the station wind up getting. In addition to all the exuberance that the warm days offer, faced also with the end-of-year parties. Christmas and new year are two celebrations that are successful in the world, why people tend to choose carefully the production, which is intended exclusively to finish the year in style. Thinking at the end of another year and the arrival of summer are not just the clothes they earn space, but the shoes that give a special touch to any look. So the Culturamix separated some tips so that you know how to match your clothes with colored sandals that you already have in your closet and what are the criteria that must be taken into account if you plan to make new acquisitions.

Why choose Colored sandals?

Nothing against choosing a neutral color sandal, anyway they can represent elegance in a way totally discreet. But how about innovating a bit and bring a little more joy in their productions? Colored Sandals feature a cool person, and a lot of style, isn’t it? So nothing better than enjoying the colorful season to let their feet even more charming. Even while the combination was the choice more assertive in the case of people tuned in the fashion world, but currently the concept of combination went on to go much further, so if you like smashing in combinations, let aside the requirement of combining, for example, a black pants with a red blouse and a sandal in the same tone of her blouse and bet on all original combinations but that does not interfere with the harmony of the look.

Tips for choosing the model of sandal

Before you talk a little about the choice of colors of the sandals, here topb2bwebsites brings some tips so that you know how to choose the footwear model, respecting your style, occasion and what your look asks. The sandal is a super versatile footwear, since there are models that can be used perfectly on cold days and others who leave their feet to show when the temperatures are a little higher. In addition, you have the option of choosing a template without heel, with intermediate jump and even a jump pretty high, which ensures that you always find a template that has everything to do with you. Then check out some tips that should be taken into consideration in choosing the model of shoe.

  • Creeping sandals are great for the times. At work, if you want to give up the jump, try to choose a sandal creeping don’t let your feet so the shows and has details that take a bit of simplicity of the footwear.
  • A large portion of the sandal models let our feet fully in evidence, so always keep the hygiene of feet and always take care of your nails.
  • If you want guaranteed comfort, but don’t want to give up to win a few centimetres of the jump, choose platform models and half a leg, because they provide more safety and still ensure a look super cool.
  • You want to invest your money well when buying a sandal? So you prefer the most basic and classic models, because usually what’s in high does not have a space so enduring and then end up getting to corner.
  • If you want to bet on the colored sandals, but you don’t think you take too way in the choice of possible combinations, bet on models that take more than one color, for example the models with strips of different colors, so you’ll have an easier time fitting the look.

How to choose the color of the Sandal

Now we go to the focus of our post, which is how to combine colorful sandals with different looks. So be attentive to the suggestions and work in combinations!

  • Blue Sandal:The color to a certain time not used to please the women when it was the color of footwear today has made a huge success and the shades of the subject have varied. When we suggest possible combinations we’re not implying that footwear can only be used in this way, since the most important thing is to maintain the harmony of the look. Our aim is to register some possible combinations for those who want to use the blue sandal, but don’t know where to start. When choosing a blue shoes you can either combine it with neutral clothing how can choose an outfit more striking and end with a shade that also draws attention. Therefore, it is possible to use the sandal blue color clothes more discreet, but it is also possible to contrast the footwear color betting on a red outfit, yellow, pink, among others.
  • Red Sandal:The hue is a proof that the woman likes to be noticed wherever she goes, so nothing better than choosing a look that finalize the combination with much exuberance. The Red is perfect with clothes more neutral, but it can also make a great success if it is combined with a Navy Blue piece, since the contrast shows the harmony’s look.
  • Yellow Sandal:There’s no way to not realize the success that the color yellow has done in the world of fashion, since the tone is present in all Windows. So, if you want to leave your combination a little more cheerful and even more cool, bet on the success of the yellow has done. As well as the other colors yellow combines with neutral parts, but it’s amazing to be contrasted with an outfit in blue, Orange, among other shades.
  • Orange Sandal:Another color that has made a huge success is the Orange, since you get a special highlight on the look, in addition to convey the joy of summer. You don’t know what the Orange match? In addition to match the basic colors such as nude, grey, white, black, among others, he is super cool with a Navy Blue piece.
  • Green Sandal:In their most varied shades, Green looks super cool with yellow parts, and the traditional blue.
  • Pink Sandal:In addition to mentioning all the femininity, the pink allows a variety of combinations, since in addition to be wonderful with neutral parts, is wonderful with blue pieces, yellow and even green. So you dare in the combinations.