How to Read Labels on Shoes

This is a moment that I had not offered you an article ‘practice ‘. It is here that this infographic comes into play!

When you buy shoes, there’s always-it is obligatory-some diagrams pasted on the sole or box of shoes. But what are they? If you can’t read the labels of the shoes, this post is made for you!


Learn to read labels for shoes

Shoes labels have primarily an information function. They know if the different parts of the shoe you want are fabric, synthetics or leather. (zoom in to read the fine print)

Choose the material of shoes

Of course, leather shoes are ideal for quality, because the foot will be not compressed: the shoe will be on your foot with the heat of it.

Synthetics have the advantage of being easily washable, but they do that deform very little. Avoid choose too narrow in synthetic shoes hoping that they “give”.

The leather is also more breathable, which limits the smell of perspiration.

The fabric is often more fancy, but it must be strengthened, usually by underlayment, to be quite rigid. So choose a leather interior in this case here.

If the insole is synthetic, it is always possible to change, by setting in place a sole anti-slip leather (around € 8 in supermarket). The advantage: the foot rubs less in the shoe, so heat up less, so less pain late in the day on the soles of the feet, and less sweat. Good shoes-ping!