How to Match Tie to Shirt?

Office life services business, black tie or evening masked ball … Opportunities to wear a tie abound, social conventions either, and some men are even obliged to wear from Monday to Friday …

However, the clothing field, it does not happen much: sometimes it’s routine, boredom. We almost forget the benefits of this modest piece of fabric that can, when properly used, become a real elegance asset.

Why Good Match Tie and Shirt?

Although his match shirt and tie is probably the best way to dress up a suit! It’s also a way to bring color to an outfit, a touch of charm in a sea of ​​gray suits (black or worse!), a way of expressing their tastes or simply one means of others to be well dressed!

Still need to know how much his tie to match his shirt … How to wear a tie without crashing? For we have all seen at least once, the combination of a tie and shirt can do damage. Some men have all the best excuses in the world for not wearing a tie, but that must be for those who wear a tie is a must?

Where to Start?

This small introductory guide is for anyone who must wear a tie every day, to those who are the best excuses for not wearing and especially to those who want to learn to choose the color of his tie.

It is organized according to the type of scope shirt (plain, checks, stripes). The color combinations are offered for use with navy blue suits, gray, anthracite gray or brown.

To get started or improve you will find in this article many ideas to match your tie to your shirt. Lassitude point in the country of masculine elegance! Have fun! Ps. You can leave me a comment below to give me your opinion on this topic.

1. How Matching Tie and Plain Shirt?

Start with the easiest! White, blue, pink … The plain shirts are the most common of the male wardrobe and the most versatile too! The assortment of white shirt and tie is easier than for plaid shirts or striped.

Whether you choose a tie knit navy blue silk, burgundy silk bunting or blue silk twill with red dots, all will match very well with a white shirt. But beware of too basic ties and suits that would lack panache.

Choose a tie that has a soul, that is neither too much nor too dull silky. Opt for a tie that compliments your outfit as a tie that would be cut in a beautiful fabric with texture and beautiful patterns, for example.

The slogan to match his tie to his shirt please do not do too much but bring added value to the costume that is worn. I have put together for you below full of practical examples to show you what I mean.

What Tie Worn with a Blue Shirt?

The blue shirts are a great assortment base for your tie. With a sky blue shirt, you can wear, for example:

  • Dark ties, such as colors, navy blue, burgundy and forest green, that will go perfectly with a white shirt and light gray suit in wool flannel.
  • Ties that have texture, like heavy silk, silk knitting, wool knitting, silk muslin, silk material cousin grenadine but has the advantage of being lighter, will provide the contrast to your outfit.
  • Red ties, they go very well with the sky blue, also try the carmine red (dark red pigment and bright). You tell me the news!

What Tie Worn with a Pale Pink Shirt?

In an episode of The Simpsons, Homer discovers with horror that his shirt has become pink because of the red cap Bart is passed into the washing machine with whites.

Here is an excerpt of the scene:

Homer: That’s not true, that it’s stung me my shirt!

Marge: I washed it …

Homer: Ooh, thank you Marge! Aaaahhhh, it is pink !! [Marge out the shirt, pink, her clothes box] I can not put a pink shirt to work, they were all white, I’m not popular enough to stand out …

Marge: Let Homer, you have a lot of white shirts, not worry …

According to Homer, the pink shirt is not suitable for everyone. In fact, the pink shirt has a very bad reputation in France, which is not necessarily the case across the Channel for example, where the pink shirt seems to be more scope.

Whether the rose is for you, place a pink shirt under your face and watch the effect of that color to your complexion. If she gives you good looks, pink shirt is for you. It also works well for people who have dark complexions. If it makes you sick, go your way!

Although she does not agree with all the ties, pink shirt goes well with a light gray suit, charcoal gray or brown.

Meanwhile, here are several possible combinations with a pale pink shirt:

  • A gray wool tie will look great.
  • A tie navy blue, plain or with discrete patterns, this would be my second choice because this color combines well with pink.
  • I also recommend trying the green, a combination that we did not see much, but works pretty well for those looking for contrast.

2. How Matching Tie and Striped Shirt?

Striped shirts are also very present in the male wardrobe. With this type of shirt, I would go for a plain tie to start and avoid repetition of stripes or agreement stripes/polka dots.

If you choose to match patterns with a striped shirt, consider varying their size to differentiate the garment accessory. Also think paisley.

Once you master well its looks, you can let go and wear patterns on both your shirt and tie. But beware of false steps!

The stripes combine very well together, provided they are not the same size. Pictured above, the association between the pinstripes of the shirt and striped tie is great!

With a striped shirt, you can wear polka dots or other designs. The key is to have fun and think to vary the proportions between the stripes of the shirt and the reasons for the tie.

3. How Matching Tie and Plaid Shirt?

In this category, gingham shirts are in my opinion the most common.

To match your tie in a gingham shirt, I advise you to choose a plain tie, the color goes well with the tiles (blue sky gingham shirt, blue tie navy/light pink gingham shirt, gray tie etc.)

For tartans patterns, choose a color pattern of the shirt and repeat this color on a plain tie by making sure that the color of the tie to be darker than the shirt.

You can also attach a plaid shirt with a striped tie or with patterns. Choose one such club tie, it will add contrast to the grounds of the shirt.

Also, choose a tie with stripes agree color stripes of the shirt. For example with a white shirt blue stripes, choose a blue tie with navy stripes or blue motifs.

Finally, with plaid shirts, I advise you to avoid geometric patterns that can create a visual overload or even an optical illusion!

See you soon.