How to Match Midi Skirt

Neither mini nor big: the midi skirt is the right fit for a look that is balanced, elegant and sophisticated. It is in fact a model with “halfway” between the knee and the ankle, perfect for any occasion, from work in the morning till a dinner.

Elaineqho believes that the midi skirt is good for all women, with some forethought. If you are tall and slender for you is a perfect model; If you low better demote hem to knee, with gap, high waist and a nice heel; If you have the calf important used boots for sfinarlo.

Always looking back, which is bell-shaped or narrow at the bottom, i.e. in pencil, the midi skirt is a candidate at the head of every woman’s wardrobe must-haves are the perfect combinations.

For the Office. For morning Boater solid models, if the environment is particularly serious better opt for the sober neutrals like those seen by Hien Le. The best combination is with a silk blouse with bow as those proposed by Gucci for the Autumn Winter 2015 2016. Valerie Aflalo also adds a short waistcoat and snug white blouse and a petticoat for a bon ton model adorable.

For a drink with friends. For an appointment with your friends you can dare with a patterned, floral, stripes or polka dots, or pleated as seen from Zadar, though strictly in a solid mesh, for example with boat neckline, and a clutch bag or clutch. If you’re planning a walk in the cold you can inspire you to Max Mara’s outfit that combines midi tone pencil a sweater.

For a trip out of town. If you’re planning a trip out of town, to villages and local markets, you have to match the skirt shoes: If you’re slender you can dare with the dancers, Alternatively try the Nice lace-ups or enjoy a pair of sneakers. In the case of casual or sporty opt for a simpler t-shirt or a solid mesh. Bar Noir serves jacket jeans to complete the outfit.

For the evening. For a dinner or party used a top gem to adorn the outfit, a-if you have a few pounds to hide or close, playing with fabrics and a midi skirt stiff, combining a luxurious air clutch. Alternatively you can bet on a particular model, like the one with france proposed by Chanel. In any case, the heels are standard issue.

Accessories. Accessories are perfect for your accentuate the look back offering this type of skirt in all its variants: do not be, then, never failing – without exaggeration – vintage hat, gloves, sunglasses and bright necklaces.