How to Match Denim Shirt

Hello Sara, 
I’m writing to know what you think of the denim shirt.
We see all the years in anticipation of spring, so I think it’s one of those pieces that never go out of style.
 Or am I wrong? 
Dark, clear, with ruge, with pockets, to be worn with the sleeves rolled up … so I had the wish to buy one I saw last week.
E ‘clear, non-uniform color and with the ruge front.
You have ideas of combinations, ideas of accessories?
 if the latter centrate always something …

Thanks so much!


It ‘a bit’ I have this mail in the PC and a little ‘because the avalanche of advice that I get is impressive (the blog is just the tip of the iceberg, between private answers and advice and home!) And a little’ because I think the denim shirt is expressed at its best in spring and summer, which moves chronologically to this post “when it’s hot.” I know, you got hot early as a month ago. Not here, so forgive me if you are in full jetleg meteorological …

What do I think of the denim shirt? Well, first of all it is a shirt. Do not assume this step, because the shirts are a leader who rarely is good to all: definitely is a friend of the rectangle (being stolen from the male wardrobe), a few bad apples (with small breasts and with little protruding belly), some pears (but only if it is tucked in a head to waist high), not the poor inverted triangle, which do not recommend it (unless they are very thin and do not find a good tailor that sew custom-made, because of the shoulders) and not of hourglasses (unless that also in this case are not a little curvy). In general, being a leader who falls straight and has never screwed, severely penalizes femininity. This is why I emphasize the need to be lean and shapely little: not because if you have forms you can not put a veto on the UN shirt, but because a shirt is not kind to the forms and does not do them justice.

Given this, we see some summer and spring combination for denim shirt, he declined in the forms to which is fine. A little note before you start: denim shirt and jeans jacket are not the same thing. The shirt is thinner and softer, the jeans jacket remains rigid, which makes it much less versatile for the forms (and already the versatility shirt has little!). That, besides being very 90s and not like unless paired with light dresses in pastel colors and powder and big bags leather color, it can be used without fear only by rectangle and from lean apples.

Now let’s see how to use the denim shirt, starting from thin rectangle and apples; to me sincerely I love combined with white, black and colored leather. I know, how boring. But otherwise I like the terror of living in a reunion years ’80 -’90 and I expect Nick Carter and Leonardo DiCaprio (with which I was engaged, even though he does not know it) waiting at the gate with pants blacks and chenille the Silver feet. Brrrr …. For both forms, soft white blouse (for the day in cotton, silk for the evening) and shorts blacks (asymmetric skort for the evening), used as a cardigan jacket, sandals and bag a lot. Second option: printed dress and a shoulder bag, day.

Pears and hourglasses little curvy will definitely mark the waist, or put the shirt into the skirt or underlining it with a belt. Both a masculine look does not suit, better then gamble sull’iperfemminilità: inspiration this time will be the 50’s and the shirt will be chosen in light denim. Here are two variants, one with a high-waisted skirt (suitable for all ages) and one with the pants in linen palace (suited to a woman aged 35 and over), both white.The skirt combine well both kitten heels both dancers (here in red to bring a taste a bit ‘pin up); for pants fit a wide heel and upper least 7-8 cm. The addition of a light scarf in tone confer greater femininity and give the impression of a look cared for, by day, also perfect for the job.

Latest tips, things not to do: the navel-height node, the total denim, strange washes in bleach, the combo with backpack-sneakers. If the jeans do not convince you, this look can be recreated with a shirt in aviation blue cotton.