How To Match A Blue Dress

If you have a blue dress, you will serve both as a black cocktail dress. This color is at once elegant, but also with a lot of character, so you can use it at a wedding, a cocktail party or a birthday, both day and night.

We love it because it sounds like you have a very good vibe. Of course you will find that there are many different shades, from the Dark Navy Blue which has a profile more serious, until the electric blue (or klein) that is very fashionable.

Maybe you have some questions about how to combine them, but the truth is you have at hand more alternatives than you think. It all depends on the style you want to reflect and time use. Here militarynous left some ideas, so you don’t have doubts and use accessories to attract more.

Tips For Combining A Blue Dress:

Surprise With Navy Blue. We want to start by breaking the traditional parameters. We know that the Navy is usually pretty serious, so it comes as quite a bit if you want to give a very professional image. However, if you have a dress in that color and you want to just take this informal touch, you will fall very well the combination with red heel for an event both day and night.

Blue and Green: Explosive Combination! Following with this dark shade of blue, you might not have thought, with some beautiful accessories in green or turquoise the dress if your highlight. Still having doubts? This lighter tone of blue perfectly matches the turquoise jacket.

Short dress in blue Klein. Maybe you know him also as electric blue, and we can only comment a little about this color that’s gaining fans and even more with the arrival of color block that landed in the first row. Who hadn’t done an outfit of this color before, can’t stop doing it now. Bikinis, shirts, shorts, pants, bags, shoes follow in all shops and shop Windows to infect us with your role.

Classic combination with black. And if you think this color may not be elegant, you’re wrong. If you do a traditional combination black, will get a fairly sophisticated effect. Belt, clutch, jumps, all in black. And ready!

Long live the contrast! Now we go to the other extreme. Let’s say you want to reflect a fun image and very fashionable. A blue dress can perfectly combine with socks and black shoes, but to give the special touch use a clutch in red or brown color and better yet if it is combined with the lipstick will be used tonight. Watch out! This look works more for the night than during the day.

And the Metallic blue Usually, when we think of a night event to which we will go with a blue dress, one of our first choices is combine it with accessories and silver shoes. Let’s say it’s an outfit that you can’t miss.

However, let’s say that if you experiment with the gold will have a pleasant surprise. Still more advisable if you are enjoying a great Tan.

How can we forget the Nude?

There are already several seasons we see between us, came and stayed. Therefore, the more likely it is that you have many nude clothes and accessories in your wardrobe. This time it comes to play a little with the blue and have a news: Yes, it works!

Try to match your dress with shoes, bracelets and, of course, a nude makeup. We recommend you choose this alternative when you want your dress take all the attention as in this case, where the fabric, the flights, the fall and tom are simply beautiful.

If until now you had a blue dress in your wardrobe, we believe it’s time to try some… And if you want to see and very trendy, definitely blue klein is done for you. What are you waiting for?