How to Make Fringe Earrings

The accessories most desired by women at the moment are the fringe earrings .

Very strong trend in the 20s and 70s, the fringe earrings are back with everything and have undergone some changes in the models to be with the guy 2015.

Accessories are responsible for letting the feminine look even more complete and charming and earrings with fringes are great to wear in any occasion, whether for a barbecue with friends during the day or a graduation on Saturdays.

These accessories are worked on from curtains and pillows finishes, the “tassel” and jumped decoration area for the fashion world in order to create a more sophisticated and fun look for the next seasons.

The fringes at Wholesaleably are super high in handbags, shoes, belts, blouses and it would be no different with the earrings that match any independent hairstyle face; They can be used with loose hair, buns, braids and ponytails.

The top model Gisele Bündchen and actress Carolina Dieckmann have joined the fashion.

As fringe earrings are long end up giving the impression of a more elongated and thin face and are a great trick for anyone who wants to hide the extra pounds.

The mode is not limited to “tassel” for a current look you can use woven fabrics, metal chains or beads.

The fringe earrings can make various shapes, designs and sizes depending on each personal style only.

The accessory came with everything to create movement and balance sheet for the look and are almost unanimous among women.

You can find this earrings model in malls, popular shopping streets or you can choose to make yourself and ensure originality and economy for an ideal look for parties, luncheons, go to the movies or to the ballad.

The more colors used in the fall winter this year vary between the brownish wine, shades of purple and red lights, a flashy red and quite elegant, which goes well with basic clothing. To follow the trends for vain accessories color teach you to create a pair of earrings with tassels for you to be divine.

For this you will need 25 meters of the line color of your choice, 2 balls to help shape, 2 bases for earrings, 2 counterpoints, 1 pliers, superglue and sharp scissors.

You will need to split the line into 4 equal parts and then tie up with its own line each block so that it is firm and form volume.

After this process just set the basis for the earrings and use super adhesive glue to prevent wear of the piece.
The pliers will also give more security to the accessory, with it you can model the ring that will get the ears to make them uniform and the same size.