How to Make a Pillow

How to make a pillow personalized with trimmings, lace and crochet and decorate it with special prints, embroidery and all that suggests your imagination

If the cushions that you find in stores are not what you dream for your home, if you pick up a needle and thread does not scare you , or rather the idea you are passionate and curious about you, here are the instructions indeed the tutorial, as they say now, create beautiful pillows and especially unique because made by you, to decorate  your home, but also beautiful and much appreciated gift ideas.

The basis of all is being able to sew a simple square cushion with zipper. Select the measure of the pillow according to the measures of the padding, there are standard measures such as 20, 40, 45 etc … or potre decide regardless the size of your artifact and then fill it with wool padding or taken by other old pillows.

Add half a centimeter compared to the extent otherwise padding the padding will not have enough space and a couple of centimeters to the seams. Ex: if the padding is 40x40cm cut two pieces of 45×45 cm.

Make a zig zag with the sewing machine along all the edges of the pieces to prevent the edges from fraying and fies

  1. Mark the seam lines with a pencil or chalk making sure to center the embroidery if you use an embroidered cloth or a printed fabric with central decoration.
  2. Fold a smallstrip of cloth of a piece and appuntateci the hinge. If the zipper is slightly shorter side position approximately in the center, then sew it.
  3. Now fold a piece of cloth in thesecond fabric and center with the one just sewn; then sew the brooch.
  4. Now -with openly hinge overlay thetwo pieces of fabric right sides together.
  5. Sew three sides without a zipper along the dotted lines.
  6. Once sewn all three open sides cut corners to a few millimeters from the seam.
  7. Turn, put the padding and thecushion is ready!

Obviously this is the starting point and then give space to your creativity and personal taste. For example, you can Beading pillow profile with the flat braid or tubular, the edges or crocheted lace.

Browsing the web is a wealth of ideas so beautiful that you will not know where to begin

How to make cushions without zipper

Let’s example even a 45 cm square of side cushion. First mark the stitching lines with a tailor’s pencil (or even normal) making sure to center the embroidery if we use an embroidered canvas, 45 cm we have to add at least 20 for the “cap” on the back and cut the fabric leaving over 2 cm margin on each side.

For the back will do the same but the measures will obviously be lower, the usual 45 wide (plus margins) and at least 36 cm high. At this point we make a zig zag along all edges and sew the hem of the two pieces of fabric. Put right sides of the fabric by putting the excess part of the front underneath the back of the fabric, there must be an overlap of about 10 cm. We stop everything with pins and baste.

We are therefore ready to machine stitch along the lines that we have drawn earlier. Once sewn all three open sides cut corners to a few millimeters from the seam. Just turn up on the obverse and our cushion is ready. We are wishing we can beautify the back by sewing buttons. Here are some ideas found among the various blogs dedicated to creative hobbies