How to Make a Multicolor Nail Art


This guide will explain how to decorate your nails in a simple and lively recreating the effect given from the gun, simply by using the common nail polishes. For an art multicolor nail nuanced in duty it is almost always necessary to use the airbrush but being a tool that not all possess, I will show you how to get the same effect by replacing the gun with simple Blenders (those used for eye shadow) that surely every woman has at home.


Make sure you have on hand:

different colored enamels

Blenders for makeup

Moisturizing cream

cotton swab

clear nail polish

For the success of any type of nail art it is first necessary to thoroughly clean the nails of any residue of previous nail polish using a cotton swab and acetone. Then proceed to remove any hangnails and file the nail in the form you prefer, although for this type of nail art is preferable to a square shape. Once done, wash your hands thoroughly, so as to ensure a better seal of the enamel that will apply later.

Before you start make sure to roll out a sheet of paper on the table that you will use for nail art so as not to contaminate the surface, and to have the necessary space to rest stumps once used. Now roll out the moisturizer all around the nail as it will inevitably have some enamel deburring (moisturizer reduces drying and make the cleaning job easier). Choose the colors you want to use, I chose yellow, turquoise, pink, orange and purple, but will fit any other possibly clear and vivid color according to writingles.

Take a clean smudge, drop a drop of yellow enamel on the sheet of paper and proceed to get over the smudge. Dab the smudge on a corner of a fingernail, without following a precise form and without worrying about the smudges on his fingers. The glaze applied with the smudge tends to dry quickly so you will not have to wait long to take the next step. Let fall a drop of turquoise enamel on the sheet, and proceed as you did for the yellow, do not worry if the colors overlap, because this is what will then give the gradient effect. Repeat this for all the colors were to cover the entire nail.

You can use the same stumps to complete all the nails, or choose it as shown in the picture to create these colors only on some nails, you can give rein to the imagination. When finished, you will have for sure a good amount of polish on your fingers so proceed with clean hands. With a cotton ball soaked in acetone carefully clean the parts of the skin that are contaminated with enamel, and if you have applied the moisturizer, you will see that will come off in a few seconds. When the glaze will be dry run across a layer of clear nail polish, as well as to make the bright colors and ensure a long life to your nail art.

Analysis: Another example of nail art. Get five different colors of enamels, which have a strong pigmentation and are beautiful on, and above all that go great together. Avoid placing orange and brown neighbors, or green and red. Then of course a matter of taste, I advise you: green thumb, the index for blue, fuchsia for the medium, orange to yellow for the ring finger and little finger. But all of you will have your favorite color to be inserted so in this case free rein to the imagination. You can also work on different shades of the same color, those fantastic blue, which refer both to a maritime scenario. Once you apply the nail polish on one hand, even the roll out on the other colors, but inverting the colors, and on the thumb yellow, orange on the index, on average fuchsia, blue ring finger, and little finger on the green. Let dry, and if the colors are not sufficiently opaque, make a second pass. Try to have an intensity of uniform color, the first few times I recommend buying glazes of the same brand and the same line so that they have the same result. Just the colors you will be dried, take the white, pour a little color on a piece of paper, and with a toothpick, draw the decorations dots: the thumb filled only the bottom corner of the index drawn flowers with only dots, on the class, draw a star, doing a cross over “x” (always using the technique of course dots), then on the ring finger and little finger, make of scattered dots, on almost all the nail. Once dried the dots, roll out the clear nail polish to fix everything.


Never forget:

Wait for Completion of a hand before moving on to another!