How to Make A Dirndl Apron

Dirndl Apron-So You Sew You

  1. Dirndl skirt or Schürzerl, as they say in Bavaria, you can easily sew me.For a dirndl skirt no model is needed. The first thing to cut a rectangle. It should be 100 cm in width, length depends on the length of the skirt. It was nice when the skirt is several centimeters shorter than the skirt.
  2. Enter when each cut 1.5 cm on the sides and hem it.The fabric for the apron is color matching of the Dirndl. Your Dirndl eg decorated in bright colors, so the lace fabric in white or beige crises fine with that. Atlas materials as often and willingly taken to the aprons.
  3. Overcast all edges.Then umbügeln and sew the seam allowance on the side edges.
  4. Mark the center of satin ribbon.Set the right and left of center ca 18-20 cm apart from each other markings.
  5. Put the apron in wrinkles and tack the satin ribbon between the two marks. The satin ribbon is intended to cover the upper deck board. The group then steppes to the apron. Alternatively, you can sew instead of satin ribbon a ribbon of the same fabric as the skirt itself, according to bestcraftblog.

Dirndl apron-binding loop properly

As the loop is the right bound dirndl skirt: right, left or in the…


Bind Dirndl Apron Really-How It Works

  • The loop says something about the birth certificate. A loop means connected to the left as you are, simple means connected to the right you are married or in a stable relationship. Er tie the knot in the back.
  • In Dirndl either heels or ballet shoes are worn, never boots, boots or even sneakers.