How to Know the Real Time to Go for Motherhood

The Baby Life, Tissue And Cell Bank 100% Portuguese, Give To Know To Future Parents The True Signs Of Labor And The Right Moment To Move Maternity

Labour and childbirth are times of great anxiety for both the mother and the father, and often, this same anxiety leads to a misinterpretation of the signs of a true labor.

This time the culmination of pregnancy is usually wrapped in a mantle of expectations of happiness, by the arrival of the baby, either from fear of the pain that the mother is waiting. However, the labor must be felt as a positive moment and not with a feeling of fear instilled by experiences that have been shared over time according to BUSINESSJUST.

Nevertheless, labor is a challenging moment for the mother and requires preparation on the part of the family to understand the signals that the body of the woman, at the right time, it is very important to be careful monitoring of the entire process of birth of the baby.

But How Do You Know If Now Is The Right Time?

In the Pre-partum period, it is normal to have some woman contractility, regular that can occur days or weeks before delivery. It is important to not be scared or confused labor with these contractions regular, not that most of the time they spend with rest. In this period can also occur any abnormal vaginal discharge, of a red/brown and mucosal, called “mucosal rolhão”. This mucus is not a sign of labor, but it’s a sign that the time is coming soon.

When the labor is about to begin, the contractions become regular, implying some discomfort for the mother. The rigidity of the stomach is the way to identify the contraction and in labor ranks, hard tummy/contraction, assumes a regular pattern, more and more present, with greater intensity and with an increasingly short range. When the contractions start to take a 10-minute 10:00 pm, during 2 hours, 5 minutes, 5:00 pm for 1 hour, or a regular progression in time, then it’s time to move to motherhood.

Warning Signs
Other signs that may lead pregnant women to maternity are the loss of blood, the suspected loss of amniotic fluid, vomiting, feel bloated or headache or feeling of not feeling the baby. These signs must be subject to monitoring and immediate medical attention.

Silvia Martins, administrator of Baby Life, referred to “future moms should be informed and prepared for this moment in family life. Childbirth should be seen as a time demanding, but also good and joy. This is also a time full of life and opportunity of the parents keep the blood and the tissue your baby’s cord, which can be used in the future, in case of need. “