How to Hang a Soccer Jersey

Dedicated sports fans live and die with their teams and favorite players. Collect everything you can about teams and players can be a lifelong pursuit. Some of the items they collect may have a special meaning, like a shirt autographed game worn by your favorite football player. Protecting that jersey requires a special glass box that can be hung on the wall in a den or even in a “cave man”.

Check the detailed instructions offered by aristmarketing:


Put your shirt on a flat surface and measure with a tape measure. Get the length measuring from the top of the shoulders to the lower edge of the shirt; measure the width from the beginning of each arm.


Purchase a display box jersey shadow box or frame with a glass or transparent acrylic face to use for your shirt to a brick and mortar or online sports memorabilia store. Use the measurements obtained in step 1 to determine if the size you need. Allow for at least a centimeter of space on the top and both sides of the shirt. Buy a foam board, at the same time you buy the case.


Lay the shirt on mat board that accompanies the picture. Use the scissors to cut the foam board to the shape of your shirt, about 1/2 inch at least around all sides. Insert the support plate to the shirt with care not to damage the fabric.


Use a sewing needle and cotton yarn (the same color as the primary color of the football shirt) and attaching the shirt to the plate. Put a couple of stitches to 1 inch away, then jump around from 4 cm and put two points 1 inch away. Repeat this procedure until the shirt is connected to the Board all the way around.


Put the shirt in the window. Determine where you want to hang the case.


Attach double-sided tape on the edges of the back of the display case in various strategic locations. All line the edge of the process is particularly heavy.


Remove the protection of double sided adhesive tape and hang on the wall display case. Adjust the shirt, if necessary.