How to Get the Schoolgirl Look

That’s it, smells like school. While some are weakly sharpening their stilettos, others jump feet together in the fall/winter 2007 trends, with for example, a schoolgirl look- 2007-08 promotion…

The complete presentation of this trend is here.

A few lessons learned:

  • Big mesh: this winter, it’s never without my mesh! We put on the wrong amounts collars, longuissimes, mittens, tights in wool scarves and knits XXL which O joy agree in many genres.
  • Socks & co: it’s official, socks and gaiters are in demand this winter.Slumped at the level of the ankle, they are worn with open sandals and for the more charming the socks thin white are still much effect.
  • At our feet: shoes laces (Derby) and low boots share the spotlight, hounded by the flat boots in leather, canvas or plastic.
  • A scarf: the tie is fun but already seen… and then it’s a bit formal…If possible, replaced with a simply knotted scarf or a nice knot falling way tie, so much more racy.
  • Shorts: short skirt bucket made its appearance and meanwhile, dresses and mini length shorts make the resistance while shorts seem to be missing the call.
  • Blouses: the coat is one of the essentials of the season, the door very opaque tights, leggings, jeans slim or Cup 70’s (also called “flare”) – the great must get emergency.
  • White collar: cross shirts, collars and sleeves stand out or fit clothing (yokes).
  • Get covered: the caban makes its comeback, with gardens and capes (effect lolita or small page) already saw last winter, not to mention the leather jacket to play more male-rock.


Shopping legend: dress (H & M), square scarf printed silk (cameo), bi-material leather and canvas (Erotokritos), top neck claudine derbies two buttons (Xanaka), short bloomer (Guess by Marciano), pin heart with bow rhinestone (cameo), jacket peacoat (H & M), animated by a silver thread (La Redoute) twisted mesh leggings and false t-shirt shirt (Veti).