How to Get a Fishing License

To practice recreational freshwater fishing, every fisherman must pay a contribution to get his own fishing card. She gives him access to rivers, lakes, ponds, that they belong to the State or to private individuals.

What is a fishing license?

The fishing card is an official licence that entitles a person to practice fishing in freshwater in 1st and 2nd class. It’s all scopes of water who belong either to the State (banks, banks of rivers, rivers, navigable canals) or be private owners that allow access to their area.
The card is obtained by simple payment of a membership fee to an AAPPMA (authorized fishing and aquatic protection association), the amount paid, contributing to the maintenance and protection of aquatic ecosystems and fish heritage.

How to choose fishing card?

On the official website of joining the AAPPMA (approved associations of fishing and protection of aquatic environments), there are several types of cards. As we practice regularly or occasionally, maps allow to practice fishing in 1st and 2nd class.
The contribution rate varies from 10 to 100 euros, depending on the period of validity (annual, weekly, daily), fisheries sector, the number of lines, the mode of fishing authorized or the age of the cardholder.
The card can be purchased online on the site When the online payment is made, the fisherman downloads his map and print it by inserting their photo. It is also possible to apply with an Association approved of fishing near his home to collect the SIN card on-site or receive by mail.

According to BESTFISHINGESSENTIALS.COM, each fishing card is nominative and can be used by a person other than the holder. Also, each fisherman in action must be able to present the filled card at any time, the risk of having to pay a fine of 450 euros.

It includes the following

  • The card type and selected options
  • The CPMA attesting to the fee stamp
  • The name and surname of the fisherman
  • The address of the fisherman
  • The photo of the fisherman
  • The signing of the fisherman
  • The period of validity
  • Membership number
  • The coordinates of the Association approved of sin of attachment
  • The coordinates of the departmental Federation of fishing of attachment
  • The QR code to the control via mobile phone by a guard fishing

What is a reciprocity map fishing?

Some AAPPMA have passed agreements for pooling their territories and their course of sin and do enjoy their members from an authorized sector extended to other regions. Thus, the fisherman who owns the map cearly reciprocitaire (adult) or the Tile EHGO (Western fisheries agreement) has a right to fish in the member federations.

Need a fishing license to fish in the sea?

Leisure sea fishing, but no permit is required to ensure the preservation of the species, the fisherman must respect the minimum catch sizes, defined by the competent authorities. If too small, the fish, crustacean or mollusc must immediately be rejected at sea, in which case the sinner may pay a heavy fine (up to 22500 euros).

Since 2011, marking is also required as part of marine recreational fishing. It is a part of the tail of a fish section, unless it prevents its measure. This legislation enables toavoid the illegal fish resale by amateur fishermen.

Regulations vary from one region to the other, each fisherman has to take knowledge of the maritime prefecture (sometimes listed on the schedules of the tides). Notes of information to users specified in the rules in force on signs placed at the entrance to marinas, beaches, pontoons, strikes.