How to Dress for Pale Skin

Our redhead intern Emily is not only with hair of fire: as most of his peers, she also has the white skin. The opportunity for her to give you advice to get dressed using aspirin.

When you have white skin, casually, we really complex. Every summer, it’s the same armada of Golden haunches falling us on the corner of the nose. We just hammer you across shots of pubs pro-bronzage. Yes, need Tan because ‘tanned’ means a ‘trend’, ‘beautiful’ and even ‘health!

Redhead skin requires, I don’t Tan. To get the dark skin, I had to test just about everything and anything in my despair. Small check list.

-The natural sun-based methods: (or how to vary cooking methods)

Bare skin without fat added-> result crayfish in the oven

Skin wet effect magnifying glass-> result crawfish boiling water drops

Skin marinated oil monoi-> result fried Crayfish – the high-tech methods:

Sprays, milks, creams, self-tanning-> go we confess, that leaves traces-tou-day stuff.

The self-tanning-> capsules from the white to the white, efficiency/price level I’ve known much better.

The tanning-> prohibited, for having diagnosed me too fragile skin, I was denied access.

-Methods of great Grandma

The famous diet of carrots-> how many carrots you have to type before color? (I’m even not talking kindness)

The teabags-> when I told you that I tested everything.

Suffice to say that I really struggled with all my might to the picnic with my skin. In vain.

And then comes the age of reason, we learn to accept, even to find a certain charm (if if). And instead of trying at all costs to hide every small whitish part of my body, I decided to make an asset by playing with my clothes, and especially the colors.

What to wear when you have white skin?

Against all odds, I want to tell all. I forbid myself no clothes, no color under the pretext that I have white skin. In the end it’s a matter of style, that we want to have some days than others, the image we want to give and the character that you a. Overview of the different profiles:

Contrary to popular opinion, the nude colors always not pale skin and don’t make them even less sick. Associations of light tones and powdered roses, broken white and aged yellow add old-fashioned charm to diaphanous skin. For the girls so sophisticated and delicate look.

The extremes in total look for more assertive silhouettes. There is no doubt that it takes character to do slice deep black with the whiteness of her skin, but the mix is an indisputable class. Still more striking than black, white, but beware, a true white. It will bring a certain chic, rather confusing but especially fascinating. In short, white and black, to show off, impress or shock. In other words, we must have…

I put all the marine blue, Khaki Greens, the dregs of wine reds, Maroons in dark colors. They marry beautifully with clear skin and add depth to them. Like black, they will make them out but with more subtlety. “The colours are basic” skin white, too bold or too quiet, the right equation to assert smoothly.

For a wise look, we opt for beige, camel, caramel, grey, blue, yellow Chick, etc. Similarly the nude trend, all these neutral, clear, pastel tones provide a picture of sweetness, delicacy and innocence to those who wear them. Perfect for summer outfits.

Prints, often mean explosions of color, essential in summer, are great on tanned skin. For the ethnic prints, for example, we immediately imagine a Métis girl, Wahine, Golden what! But the chick who has white skin and bringing in will seek a look less serious than that given to the monochrome totally funky, arty, surprising because of the offset.

The centerpieces of this summer also walk on the white skins. We never hesitate to strip his haunch with the mini shorts or unveil its small bidou with crop t-shirt. There is also of course the liberty and lace for the most blue flower or the sailor and the shirt for our side tomboy.

So that’s the big question for the girls with white skin. The swimsuit issue is crucial, not only for girls with tanned skin. We’re always looking for the right color, the right print and the good form that we will release the less white as possible. So here, let’s take the color codes previously stated; the black will be sublime but very contrasted, if you instead want to divert the attention it will build on funny prints or even a form of swimsuit type 50 years to become a pin-up.