How to Dress a Muscular Female Body

How to dress when it has broad shoulders and arms muscled, that it is a bit small but it doesn’t necessarily look like a closet Pocket ice?

Aurora, which ends up being a girl muscle, sent me the following message:

My “problem” is the following: I am (very) sports and the activities I do develop more muscles that they don’t refine the silhouette… in addition to my not very fine skeleton at the base. I am not yet like an East German swimmer, it is not extreme right.

So here is what I look like: 1 m 63, 53 pounds of muscles, broad shoulders, arms with visible biceps, a thin waist, wide hips, buttocks, thighs and thick calves. Otherwise I have breasts, not huge no more: C Cup.
Here’s what I see myself: Mickie James, a wrestler. I have no such enormous breasts (redone), and a little less muscle, but she is 1 m 63 like me and I think look like her somewhat.

I am well into my skin and I like my body when it is naked (I have no fat, dangling and these muscles are not unsightly). But here’s my problem: in a lot of outfits, I just look wide, thick. It saddens me.

The solutions I’ve found: roughly what is black and tight (up, down) and heels, all to refine.
But it’s still a little sad, I feel of dressed me always the same…

I don’t try to hide my muscles, I assume, just to not look a barrel (wide and informed) or a weightlifter (when they are too highlighted).

When you’re a girl muscle, it’s better to…

For everything that’s neck, it is better to avoid the boat passes who tend to accentuate the side square broad shoulders. American armholes also are to be avoided as much as possible. However all the turtlenecks soften much neck and shoulders, and the passes in V, especially dipping, are really top for emphasis on the chest.

I take as an example Michelle Rodriguez throughout the article that has the same kind of morphology, rather small and muscular.

According to the case of the marcel, we often prohibits him for muscular girls because it would give a rendering too masculine. But, if you’re uncomfortable with it and like the side a little tomboy, the marcel tight (more reason if you’ve got a nice chest) can be very sexy.

Michelle shows again once the way, but I still advise you to put a bra.

Another point: the goal is not to hide the muscles, which are a pretty athletic, figure but do not play one-upmanship. That’s why it’s better pass, generally speaking, on all the small balloon sleeves that add volume, on too masculine jackets (like the big wannabee heavy leather) and on the blazers in shoulder pads.Opts for flexible, jackets to slightly drooping shoulders, to rectify your broad build.

Similarly, sleeveless tops highlight your shoulders and will even out your biceps. A bad example of Michelle to show what should not do-lined with a beautiful transparent FishNet:

If you’re a girl muscle, you can also…

If you want to hide your arms a little and you’re fed up tight stuff, tunics and loose clothing will not necessarily make you look like a bag of potatoes.

For this spring, something battery poile in the trend is the falling sweartshirt or mid-season in a thin sweater knit, slip carelessly on the shoulders. One, puts them well worth this time, and two, it does not focus on your biceps since they are not!

Visual Etam

Ditto for the tunic square in summer. It is light, fluid, she’s very pretty shoulders and if you’re small, chosen her rather short to wear as a dress. You can tie it to the size to mark your curves, or, as here, right on the hips to create volume at the top.

To feminize a maximum body of a muscular girl

You have all types of drapery, which also includes the font passes. It is light and very delicate, and well it counterbalances your muscular figure.

Another advantage if you’re muscle across: your back. Then this summer, put emphasis naked as much as possible with the back top.

Then, this isn’t because you muscled and well developed calves to ban them from some air! As you’re small, selected a rather short skirt (but as you already put emphasis on your legs, it is better to avoid to do also with your arms, and vice versa).

Finally, the swimsuit that you will best highlight will no doubt the triangle, that will not add to your silhouette.

If you also build muscle as Aurore and other good tips, feel free to share them in the forum!