How to Design a Nike Basketball Jersey

Basketball is quickly becoming one of the world’s favorite games and millions of fans everywhere to express how they feel about it with basketball jerseys. Jerseys are comfortable to use, both on and off the Court. If you want to represent how you feel about the game, a specific team or player, consider designing your own Nike Basketball shirt. 

By following these step-by-step instructions that you can design an original shirt that will impress the other fans of basketball.


Design a Nike Basketball Jersey


Draw the outline of the front and back of a shirt in a drawing pad with a pencil. Photocopy these outlines several times and use them as models for experimentation. Take a look at some classic Nike jerseys basketball in a variety of different styles. The new style is suitable without arms and tight while older styles were loose and loose clothing with short sleeves.


Experience with design concepts using pencils and markers. Most basketball Nike jerseys are pretty simple, using two or three colors to represent a team. Collars are cut in a slight v-neck style, though without any material standing above the shoulder line. The body of the shirt is usually a solid color, bold with all letters or logos in a contrasting color. Trim, such as the neck and sleeve lines, is also usually of contrasting color.


Add the famous Nike swoosh to the your project anywhere and as often as you like. In many of basketball seems on the left chest and is usually a discrete part of the shirt. It is important, however, to get the swoosh form just right. If necessary, create a cardboard stencil of the swoosh.


Make stencils tracing the design or letters that you want in your shirt on a piece of paper. Cut this track and attach it to a sturdy piece of cardboard. Cut out the traced on the cardboard and then use the open space in the cardboard as the stencil.


Make your shirt design a reality lightly draw your designs to a generic white Basketball Jersey. Shirt color with markers washable cloth and use stencils for letters, number and all team logos.


  • Show your project to other fans for further input.
  • Nike and all its logos are trademarks and use them without permission is illegal. Always be aware of copyright laws regarding team colors, logos, designs, and Nike.