How to Decorate Furniture with Stickers

It is not difficult to change his look to the furniture of home, of furniture now worn stowed in the attic and then unused or furniture that we have long and we feel tired of their appearance: the solution is not necessarily buy new ones with which to replace them. We can simply renew the look easily and inexpensively through applying some stickers or decals, very useful to renew the room in a practical and fast. There is mobile it cannot be decorated as in commerce are stickers for all needs and tastes also priced content: Let’s see then how to decorate our furniture with stickers.

Once we have chosen the furniture to decorate, we will have to clean the surface thoroughly (to eliminate dust and debris) we’re going to treat: a damp cloth should be fine, but in case we will apply our sticker directly on the wood, it will be better to use a specific product. Before proceeding, NeoVideoGames advises you carefully choose the part and consider if the cabinet adapts well to the environment in which it is located: we must pay attention to color and style so that harmonize well with the rest of the room.

Let’s start with the application: remove the plastic wrap from the printed edition of our adhesive and slide him to the surface so that it is straight and will stick to it before the central part; with the help of a spatula, push outward from the Center to try to avoid the formation of air bubbles. In the event that they were to be formed, we can try to crack them with a PIN and resume the area again with the spatula. If the bubbles are too many, you can still remove it very gently, so you don’t hurt yourself and repeat the steps again. After ten minutes of installation, you can remove the plastic wrap and our decorative will remain there on mobile.

In the event that the sticker is of large dimensions, we must necessarily let us lend a hand at least by another person, by coordinating our movements with those of our friend. It takes a lot of patience, a steady hand and never panicking or nervousness. If we don’t feel safe, we can always do some practice on an old mobile. We will see our furniture be transformed without having to spend a huge amount.