How to Customize a Football Jersey

If they are used to support a fan’s favorite team or used by players, football shirts can be customized to reflect your personal tastes. You can add your own name to a jersey NFL style, or create custom graphics for your local youth or amateur league football team. You can customize shirts online, through resellers or your own country using their own supplies.


Customize football jerseys online


Visit our site. On this site you can choose a football uniform style and customize it as you wish using a wizard program.


Select a man, young or women’s shirt from the home. This will take you to a selection of shirts that you can order blank or customized.


Choose the colors of your shirt, using the color selection palette of Jersey on the left side of the screen. At any time you can choose any front or back of the shirt from the middle of the left side of the page, where the design options are listed.


Add text by clicking “add text” selection in the left side of the screen, and then click anywhere on the jersey where you want to add the text. This is a good way to add team names, player names, uniform numbers and nicknames according to


Select the “Upload” tab under the “Design” tab on the left side of the screen. Here you can download all the pictures stored on your computer and click your shirt and add it to your design. You can also do this with Clip Art, Clip Art “tab of the design section.


When you’re happy with your project, save the project by clicking the “Save” button at the top right of the screen.


Choose the option to pay for your custom-made jersey, and select your shipping preference. The company will print the shirt and send it to you.

Customize a home Soccer Jersey


Buy a football shirt of a sports clothing store location or online.


Use 3-inch letter decals, label the back of your Soccer Jersey with your last name, first name and last name, or first initial and last name.


Buy 8 inch decals to use to put your number on the back of your shirt. Attach these numbers in the center of the back of your shirt.


Purchase paint that can be used on cloth shirts. Use the paint to add any additional information that you want for your football shirt. This could be a logo, or paint freestyle designs on the shirt of every player. Be creative.


Apply decal stickers for the shoulder areas of the jerseys as rewards for special achievements. Use different stickers for tackles, touchdowns, earning a game ball for a game, and other achievements to differentiate between players and allow them to use their uniforms not only as a uniform, but a display of status on the team.


  • If you design your Soccer Jersey online or offline, customize it whenever possible. Remember, you’ll be the one wearing the shirt.
  • Decals you connects are less likely to withstand multiple wash cycles than those that you order online.