How to Combine Long Skirts this Summer

Long skirts are a must for this season and can not miss in your wardrobe. Don’t think that they are only reserved for high girls, but that you can get a perfect with one of these maxi skirts look. At the same time, can use for a multitude of occasions, whether formal or informal, it all depends on how you put it.
It is so versatile and comfortable to wear that you can not miss in the closet. Depending on your physique, suggests you take into account some tips to bring the long skirt in a correct way.

Tips to wear skirts long

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It is advisable to wear long skirt at the waist. You get to Stylize your figure. Avoid carrying them to the hip. The use of a belt is very vistozo but you have to be careful because it can shorten your figure and look like lower. However, if you really want to use a belt it is important that you put high heels.

Another tip for Petite women is the top or shirt into skirt. Opt for monochromatic colors or the same shades of skirt will help elongate the figure.

For women with wide hip or with tummy, it is important that your maxi skirt is not very tight. Try to wear your skirt at the hip, it shape you more.

You choose a top or shirt with V neck styling of the waist and avoid using upper garments too wide.
How combine long skirts

If not you still have in your closet a long skirt, not it will be very difficult to find them. Virtually all brands have them and are a MUST for this season.

Combine them with a jacket

Leather and cowboy jackets will help you complete your look. They are super urban and are perfect for casual looks.

Crop Top and Maxi skirt

The crop top is another of the garments that are succeeding and silkweed with a maxi skirt are great.

Maxi skirt denim shirt

I love them as cowboy shirts. They are ideal for the travellers looks and casual looks.

Maxi skirts with tulle

If you are looking for a look for wedding and want to highlight, the long skirt of tulle is your garment.

What do you think of these looks with maxi skirts? Do you fancy to take it?

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