How to Choose Tie Width

“A woman can run for hours to find a gift for a man. It always ends with a tie,” said Earl Joseph Wilson. Beyond reproach, I do not mind receiving a gift tie, provided this is good!

In my experience, the perfect tie should be neither too wide nor too thin, at the risk of a choice for an exile Cirque Pinder or androgynous rocker full confidence crisis. After rejecting both hypotheses, somewhat unfairly I grant you, what options do they remain?

Before I wondered, and perhaps you too, how to choose the width of a tie? How wide is the ideal tie? And so on …

To finally answer these questions, I have grouped in this article next three fundamental principles which must not happen. These basic principles will help you make the right choice for a “sartorial game” at the top!

Bonus. Ewenzhou will explain how to choose the suitable tie:

1 – The Width of Your Tie Should Match the Collar of Your Shirt

First, the width of your tie should be proportional to the size of the collar of your shirt. According to this first principle, you should avoid wearing a thin tie under a wide neck. I think of the Italian and Neapolitan passes.

Conversely, it is best not to wear too wide tie with a small shirt collar because the tie beyond of it, which is not very elegant. In general, the collar should perfectly hide sections of the tie. The node will hide meanwhile the first button of the shirt.

2 – The Width of Your Tie Should Correspond to Your Lapel

Then the width of your tie should be proportional to the dimensions of your lapel. In practice it is very simple, if your lapel are narrow, your tie should be rather thin to grant setback dimensions.

Indeed, a thin tie worn with a jacket with wide lapels – I think including breasted jackets – would be lost in a mass of tissue. Conversely, a wide tie is not suitable for small setback (proportions problem).

My advice: the proportionality of the measures of your clothing guarantees your outfit the overall harmony. Grant the width of your tie with those of your lapel keeps a coherent whole, but that’s not all …

3 – The Width of Your Tie Should Match Your Body Type

In fact, thin people rather choose a tie whose width is between 7 and 8cm, whereas people “structurally sound” may opt for a tie whose width is from 8 to 9cm.

This principle of proportion also applies to tie knot, which in addition to being proportional to your template must be done well. In case of difficulty to your tie knot (this happens more often than you think), it is better not to wear tie rather than having a poorly done node. “Believe my experience”!

If you must wear a tie after all, carry it in your bag for the tie later because I do not recommend getting frustrated after the skirts of your tie at the risk of ending up with a hurt node, in addition to losing your time.

But rest assured, everyone is able to make a quick and simple node, see our video to learn how to tie a tie.

4 – Conclusion

In general, I advise you to choose a tie between 7 and 8cm. That is to say a tie that is neither too thin nor too wide. With these dimensions you can not make a mistake!

I also advise you not to rely only descriptive of the product. Indeed, each manufacturer uses its own jargon. A slim tie in one, will be an ultra-slim tie in another etc.

What matters is to know the dimensions and combine the tie with several types of shirts shop to see the rendering on a garment. You can also try it if you buy shirts at the same time (or not).

Finally, remember that beyond width, the largest for a tie remains the fabric used and the quality of its manufacturing , including seams (very important).

Indeed, it is more difficult to forge beautiful tie knots with a poor quality that the seams would be fragile. Not to mention the “life” of these damn shortened ties. A bad deal!

Bonus – What Too Wide Ties?

Here is my method for recycling too wide ties. When I became interested in masculine elegance to the years 2008-2009, I was a student in the United States.

There I discovered the joys of shopping at the outlet stores that perform particularly aggressive prices, much like the “outlet stores”. Except that these shops do not sell as clothing. Anyway …

On the spot, I bought several very basic ties with interlining and easy folding. The prices of these ties were very attractive but the dimensions were not suitable for my morphology (gasp). To solve this problem, I went to a finisher when I returned to France.

To retouch ties in order to reduce the width, I brought with me a tie which served as patron for the new dimensions. I asked for a reduction of two centimeters. Ties were opened one after the other, the surface of the reduced then folded fabric.

This is a very effective technique to form a beautiful collection of cheaply tie and above all not to leave out too wide ties you like.


See you soon.