How to Choose the Color of Your Socks?

How to match his socks with her outfit? It’s a simple question that often blocks …

I’ve been there. I’ve made ​​mistakes but I also found solutions and adopt new clothing habits which are better suited to my style.

Small dot on  the main advice I learned on socks: like your suits, black is definitely not the best color for your socks (white or elsewhere …) !!

Let us first how to match socks or stockings to her formally suit. Here globalsciencellc will show you how to match socks or stockings in an original way or with a casual outfit.

The Great Principle!

In theory we associate the color of his socks to that of his pants or shoes.

I rather favor the agreement with the pants, I find it more chic, but you are free to do otherwise (I always say that fashion is to have fun with good taste!).

Another great principle, first learn> how to choose her man’s socks  <discover that the sock is not the best alternative!!

To store, you will find at the end of my section elegance advice on the sock never forget.

How to Match His Socks and His Costume?

In a formal environment (And when I did not want to think), I opt for simple, classic agreements (“chic and timeless”!!!) when I wear a suit:

  • navy blue suit / blue socks navy / black shoes or brown
  • gray suit / gray socks / black shoes or brown
  • brown suit / attention surprise … socks brown / brown shoes!
  • black costume ??? Read our article to learn how to wear a black suit …

Depending on your personality and your ease to manage color, you can try the most original arrangements by wearing a pair of stockings color red/green/or other solid colors, and if the environment is not “formal “you can even wear patterns (thin stripes, dots, etc.).

For example :

  • navy blue suit / red or burgundy socks / black shoes or brown
  • gray suit / dark green sock or red / black shoes or brown
  • and endless possibilities!

Place your imagination! Play with colors, think smart and good taste by providing a touch of color and above all enjoy yourself. But avoiding the tie-socks-laces agreement of the same color, because it really “too much”!!

Here are some examples that can inspire you for your next man looks.

How to Match Socks with a Casual Outfit.

With pants and a casual jacket, you can follow the same rule as for your costume, that is to say match your socks to your pants.

However, it is the cool, we can afford more fancy! You will have more freedom to choose original socks with patterns or colors.

But “fancy” does not mean “ridiculous” because even if it does not kill, it would not be in good taste to do anything with his socks on the grounds that it is only a small accessory.

Every detail counts! (To go further look at the article how to match your tie with your shirt )

This is why you should always pay attention to the colors of the agreement:

  • Avoid socks/stockings red when you already wear the green/blue (warning Christmas tree).
  • As mentioned above, avoid the total look sash-socks-laces of the same color.
  • We also tell you to escape what he calls the “poor agreement”. Ex: black trousers/black shoes/red socks or worse yellow socks.
  • To move towards greater subtlety: replace the black pants with a navy blue and you have a winning combo.

Or even simpler, but keep black pants go for United or dark gray socks with patterns.

But as a picture is worth a thousand words, I leave you inspired looks that I have selected for you below.

General Note on Colors

Remember that outfit chic and timeless consists of 3 main colors (out different shades), and the proliferation of strong colors (red, yellow, green, etc.) is not the best option! See the Christmas tree effect mentioned above.

For example, you can wear a navy blue sports jacket with a sky blue shirt, beige chinos, a pair of brown shoes and a pair of red socks. But if you add to this holding red laces and a red pouch is insured garland!!

Is not a “Pitti boy” who wants! The pictures taken at the exit of the famous Pitti Uomo fair in Florence are an excellent example of original and offbeat outfits.

But these outfits are the work of men who absolutely mastered the ins and outs of colors and cuts. If you feel you do not master your subject, do not multiply the accessories and colors !!

I will return soon with an article on how to match colors in an outfit.


The Elegance of Advice Never Forget

  • You never wear a pair of sports socks with attire, no matter what color socks or if you no longer had it in your closet!!
  • The socks with messages of the type “I love you”; “I’m not awake” or any deep thinking really banish!!
  • When I speak of “grounds” on socks I think polka dots, stripes, discreet and chic, not to Pinocchio or Donald!
  • If you do not know what color to wear, choose a color close to that of your pants. Do complementarity rather that eccentricity!
  • Wearing stockings can hide the calf when you sit down and the bottom pant. It’s so much more stylisn!
  • Avoid multiply colors recalls. The combo “cover/lace/tie” of the same color can severely affect mental health.