How to Choose Pants

The well-dressed, young man, of course, has a great selection of pants – ranging from jeans, chinos to suit pants. A large selection of pants can vary your style, and it is without doubt to shape your overall look. However, it is not so easy to differentiate between the different kind of pants anymore – and the clear lines that existed 30 years ago, is slowly being washed out.

Many things were easier in the past that distinguished only between business and casual. Today, the progressive men’s fashion contributed to these sharply defined concepts don’t really exist anymore. So a degree of inflection of the traditional concepts. This means, of course, for the modern man, to the possibilities of the composition of today’s outfit is huge. You can only see it as a bonus, since it offers a little more free rein – and personality can be allowed to shine through. But, it also means that the modern, young men must orient themselves in a greater variety and not at least come to terms with the clothes, he now even like best.

You can never be overdressed or over-educated

Here at, there is a wide selection of men’s fashion – and it comes, after all, only good for you. But it can be a little hard to find good advice about general attire, particularly with all the new styles in men’s fashion. Therefore this guide is put together, which should give you good tips and guide to find the perfect pants, whether you’re looking for jeans or suit pants.



What types of pants you can find

All pants are definitely not the same, and there are advantages and disadvantages of the various models, as well as the fabric they are made of. You probably know best what you most inclined to, but it gives itself, that some types of pants lend themselves better to specific events. In this section, various types of trousers are talked, and that what usually characterizes them.



The classic denim jeans you are familiar with from the original cowboy movies, and most surely also connects jeans to Levi Stauss, who started the production of denim jeans in 1873. But denim-the substance was actually developed in France – and produced in Italy.

Previously withheld, the jeans belonged to the working class – and later was equal to casual denim jeans in men’s fashion. There are, however, has been a huge development in jeans-genre (if you will), and today jeans can easily be used in conjunction with formal events. A few bright or black jeans along with a delicious shirt and a blazer, is often equal to good style – and it opens up a whole lot of new formations.

Although jeans can be associated with classical and formal men’s clothing, so it is still a captain in casual men’s clothing. One of the cool things about jeans, is that they come in different colors, models and price ranges. No matter how large the selection, one can find some delicious and nicely seated jeans. Jeans continue to dominate, despite the fact that denim has been declared past for several laps.

Here at there are also, of course, many different models of denim jeans.


Khakis and chinos

Khakis and chinos are mixed together, and often they can be the same at first glance. However, there is a difference between khakis and chinos. Khakis are made from 100% cotton and they became particularly popular after World War II, when the excess fabric from the soldiers ‘ uniforms were used to make khakis. Since they were only produced in one particular color (which oddly enough looked like the color from a soldiers uniform), but now you can get khakis in all sorts of colors. Here at home is not particularly widespread, whereas khakis chinos are very popular.

Chinos are often made of synthetic fabric or a mixture of synthetic fabric and cotton. Traditionally was more formal than khakis chinos, but today chinos are in line with jeans. Here there is a wide selection of chinos, and special brands.

One of the cool features of chinos, is that you can wear them for everyday as well as to the party. Together with a bold t-shirt or sweatshirt, you’ll have delicious everyday clothing – but pulls you in a shirt, then you are ready for the formal party or summit. You can also find chinos that are created with slim-fit for an eye – but also more baggy chinos. If you’re into the more street-style, that is good for a few cool chinos.


Suit pants

The last kind of pants in the line, is habit pants – or the so-called dress pants. It is, of course, pants, reserved for business guy or formal occasion. There is a wide selection of jeans and chinos, but suit pants not much. It is, of course, because specific target audience is young, fashion-conscious men – and their favorite pants are jeans and chinos. But, you’ll have not interfered. So here is a brief review of suit pants.

When you’re looking for a pair of suit pants, of course it is important that they fit you in life. The length is perhaps not so important because you can get down your pants. The reason that it is more important with a good waist size, is because the tailor has an easier task ahead of him – and thus less chance to do something nasty at your new pants. One thing that is worth to keep in mind regarding the suit pants, is that there must be a place that you can get a shirt into his pants.

Another thing you can remember, is that suit pants are formal trousers – then drop models that is loose and baggy. A pair of suit pants shall preferably sit close, and they should very much like to highlight your moneymaker. As far as trouser length, so there are different ideologies – a good idea, though, is to go for a trouser length that causes the suit pants to create a little fold when you have shoes on.


What type of fabric you pants are made of

The different kinds of fabric that your pants are made in, for each of their distinct characteristics – and you’ve probably also your own favorite. But, without further ado.



Most people know very well, and probably denim also have  a good relationship with jeans. It is after all what most jeans are made of. Denim is in all its simplicity twill-woven cotton, which makes denim very hard wearing and durable. Denim was introduced in the 18th century in connection with work clothes, since the aforementioned features fitted as foot in hose to traditional workwear.

Denim was invented in France, but the United States has been to disseminate special denim and denim jeans. There are typically between raw and vintage anorak with thermal lining denim. Raw denim has not undergone some types of leaching after dyeing process, and raw denim jeans are typically the dark blue jeans, as we have seen in street scene since the 18th century. Vintage anorak with thermal lining denim, on the other hand, has undergone leaching after dyeing process, and the result is colors other than the traditional dark blue.



Cotton is a staple in most kinds of pants – and is used at all in everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts to accessories. Cotton was born in 1794, and has since been the godfather of clothing if you like. Cotton is particularly known for breathability and comfort – as you probably already know.

One of the disadvantages of cotton is that cotton often shrinks in the wash. Therefore developed techniques for making special t-shirts and sweatshirts are pre-shrunk. In this way keeps the clothes its size. However, it is not so relevant in connection with pants and jeans, as they are rarely made of 100% cotton.


Synthetic fabric

In the 1950s synthetic fabrics developed like polyester and nylon. It was found useful in connection with clothing, as the synthetic fabric has some good properties. Especially synthetic fabric increases the lifespan of, for example, pants, and that synthetic fabric hold better on color in relation to, for example, cotton.

Synthetic fabric are used in all kinds of clothing such as trousers and sweatshirts – also particularly used in connection with the production of sportswear.


How to find the perfect pair of pants

One of the first things you can do, is to buy your jeans in a sink that is more or less conservative. The same applies to the color of your chinos. The reason is because you can have a wide selection of jeans in bright and dark wash that can be used all year round – and several years in a row. Thus not said that you can’t be a little Frisky in your trouser choice, but you should at least have a few conservative denim jeans in a light and a dark wash.

A good tip in connection with the purchase of jeans, got you in blog post about this summer’s trends. There you can, incidentally, find great tips for your summer outfits.

Then it might be a good idea to stick to the classic models; slim-fit, straight leg and boot cut. These models are made of virtually all brands, and they can be used in combination with virtually all outerwear. If you have some jeans in a conservative wash in stock, and moreover is one of the aforementioned model – then you are well covered,and you are probably not much closer to having the perfect pants in the closet. As for chinos, then reminds many of the different models of each other – but of course, there is a difference in the fit. Find a brand that suits you, and expand your wardrobe with slightly different colors along the way. You may as well allow yourself to be a little more colorful, when it is about chinos.

However, it is not always equally referred to as it looks – for even if you stick to the classic wash, colors and models, so it may well be that it just does not fit to your body. One of the best piece of advice you can follow is, therefore, that you will find a model that fits you perfectly, and is investing in several pairs of this model. If you are lucky, it comes in several different washing, and so are you as good as covered As much else, so must your pants be tested on. In any event, it is very hard to find a good fit, by reading about it. If you buy your pants here, you always have free delivery and replacement. After all, it makes the task a little easier.

A last tip you get with this time, is to always wash your denim jeans inside out. It spares for the substance, and keeps well on color. There is nothing worse than investing in a pair of hot jeans, which lose color after first wash out. a small error. Therefore,wash your jeans (and your chinos) inside out.

It was the end of the great guide to buying pants, and here you have learned a little. If nothing else, that you have found some inspiration for your next purchase.