How to Choose Lingerie

If there is play representing the beauty and sensuality of women to lingerie is your most prominent example. Combining functionality and aesthetics, lingerie-that is the French term to describe intimate clothing for women-has a few tricks at the time of choice, to make you feel beautiful inside and out.

First step: comfort

Underwear is synonymous with comfort-always! Thus, the lingerie chosen for use in everyday life should be comfortable and be made from fabrics that allow the body to sweat and move without problem, as in the case of cotton.

Pieces prepared and with details (such as embroidery, lace and applications) should be used preferably in special occasions, usually less frequent.

Size does matter

To make you feel comfortable, it is crucial to choose the right size of lingerie and try it before validating the purchase – respecting all the rules of hygiene, of course!

In the case of panties (which are the pieces that give more “headaches” to women), there are a few points to consider:

  • Thong model: ideal for women with narrow hips and butt small, that support this model, characterized by thin side not to score the silhouette. Is indicated for use with pieces like skirts and pants and/or fair, including party dresses shorts.
  • Running shorts: model for being wider, this model is indicated for women with ‘ curves ‘, with a larger hip, insofar as this does not shake or mark the skin – avoiding, therefore, the appearance of the hideous “folds” under clothes.

BRA, the ‘ breast ‘ friend

In addition to the panties, bras also should be subjected to a careful choice. Ideally, it should be adjusted to the size and shape of the breast, surrounding and safeguarding-the inside of the bulge, as the handles, these should be adjusted and do not fasten or score the skin.

To use bandeau tops and low-cut t-shirts more (especially on the rear), opt for Bras with silicone shoulder straps or strapless, since if the handles appear under the t-shirts is a sign of inelegance.

Basic, that you want!

The proportionality rule is valid both for bras and panties: as a rule, the woman should bet on – i.e. Basic sets that enable it to be easily combined and which can be of neutral colors or pastel colours – to the detriment of models with patterns, drawings and prints. In addition, the basic sets have the advantage to stand out less for under clothing, so it is more discreet and flexible in your use.

Quality-price ratio

Whatever lingerie brand chosen, the relational criteria price-quality is a concern of modern women and that, as much as possible, enjoy being connected with the news from the world of fashion. The best tip here is to assess each brand offerings and compare them with each other to get quality items at affordable prices and at the same time, look for products made available by lesser known brands, which sometimes turn out to be true.v