How to Choose Heels and Flat Heels

We all dream by Carrie Bradshaw with its dozens of heels! But in reality, we often buy on impulse of heart and once fell enthusiasm, allowed his shoes at the bottom of the cabinet. Too tight or uncomfortable to walk, not easy to choose her heels!

Ultra-feminine, heel

Before embarking on the conquest of shoe stores, one must first look at the morphology of his feet. Some of them have flat, round or other short! Each foot is different and what is your best friend do not go necessarily. We are all swooning before those who arrive wearing vertiginous footwear. But in reality, they often hurt the feet and are too unstable unlike the wedges. For those who start, avoids the heels of 12 cm! It is advisable to wear high heels only when our movements are restricted: if you are standing all day, we forget! The arch is so pronounced that it is sometimes difficult or impossible to have a nice approach. It does not take your foot slides forward, it must be well placed on the sole. The ultimate test of whether this great pair of stilettos is for you: crouch down and try to get up without bending! If it’s okay with you!

Maximum comfort with platform shoes

If you want comfort and height, offset is obviously what you need. The range is extremely diverse: boots, shoes, sneakers, sneakers … The shoes are available at infinity according to your desires and your outfits. However, it avoids plastic heels or varnish that can be quick cheap. Rather bet on the wood or rope. And we repeat, beyond 10 cm, heels can endanger your health, even with the wedges. Between 4 and 7 cm, the approach remains natural and your feet do not suffer too. To wear throughout the day or evening out, the offset can give a casual or more sophisticated look. This is an excellent alternative to heels, even on special occasions like a wedding .

Indispensable in any circumstance, flat heel

For those who do not support high heels or platform shoes too high, flat heel is required. Conversely stilettos that can disrupt the body’s balance and tilt the pelvis forward, there is little risk of getting hurt on the flat! The shape of the foot is respected and knees are less stressed. Beware though, that said flat does not say micro sole! Too thin ballerinas create discomfort. We must be vigilant and choose shoes based on the quality of the heel . The flat shoes today are so successful that even rumored that the heel is not as trendy! Frontline actresses and supermodels protest against this diktat and claim their preference for Converse. Kristen Stewart appears on loafers red carpet, here maybe the new trend to follow!