How to Choose an IP Camera?

IP camera

You want to monitor your home or office? Going on vacation and you want to be notified whenever a foreign presence is manifested? Vanden Borre has the solution for you: an IP camera. It will allow you to verify that there is no intruder in your home, and make you otherwise.
That’s not all, an IP camera can also be used as a baby monitor or monitor sleep your toddler.


The resolution of the lens is very important to obtain a sufficient image sharpness. Today, most models provide you a resolution of 640×480 pixels.
The higher the resolution, the higher the identification of a face will be.

Zoom and viewing angle

Some cameras can automatically zoom in on the object moving in your room or garage.

The angle of view varies depending on models. Securitypology reminds you that some IP cameras can rotate horizontally and vertically. The cameras are equipped with adjustable objectives controlled remotely through small engines.

Wi-Fi or Ethernet

The IP camera with Wi-Fi avoids complex wiring required for the IP camera with Ethernet. The conn ection Ethernet remains at present still the fastest.
If your Wi-Fi network does not transmit well in the room, you may slow down the transmission of images from your camera. You can buy in this case a wireless repeater .
Note that you can also use your camera with a CPL . This solution is very useful if your camera and your Internet router are too far apart.

application provided

The vast majority of IP cameras are supplied with their corresponding mobile app. Always check compatibility with your operating system: Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

Motion detection

IP cameras with motion sensor trigger recording as soon as motion is detected. Note that all the sensor sensitivity settings are adjustable so that your camera does not fire as soon as your pet goes. You then receive an alert (SMS or email), with photo attached or not.

Tip Vanden Borre

Small LEDs enable infrared vision nocturne. The effectiveness of this night vision depends on the number of LEDs, you can easily count, and their power. An infrared camera is always more efficient inside as LED lights will be reflected more effectively.
An infrared camera will be particularly effective to place in a windowless garage.