How to Choose a Wall Clock

Well chosen wall clock can decorate a piece. Their selection must take into account several important points to buy is not brought disappointment and grief.


  1. You must first determine the heures.Et mechanism of mechanical and quartz watches have their advantages and inconvenients. For example, quartz watches do not have the movement, they are more accurate and easier to use, in addition, they are generally less expensive than mechanical, and the choice of plus. Mur mechanical watches models better suited to a chic environment, they will last much longer and do not need to change the batteries.

  1. so, we must keep in mind that the battery life in quartz watches depends on their consumption energie. In result, more of the specified parameter, the less you need to change piles. Battery must be changed once a year. The power consumption depends on their speed horloge. Discret (with “steps” visible in the movements of the shooter) requires less energy than smooth. Arrows weight also affects consumption energy, they are heavier than the energy required hours, so these details hours often made of lightweight plastic or aluminum.


  1. Clock face wall can be made of ceramic, metal, wood, paper, film or carton according to A carton and paper can not tolerate moisture and temperature changes, so these watches are not the trouble buy for rooms with high humidity or in the open air. The movie is not afraid to deal with moisture, but his need to hide from direct sunlight, otherwise it may just burn. The most materials are considered resistant ceramic, metal and wood, but unfortunately they are much heavier than the other options, so they have to hang on the strong attachment that is not always possible.



  1. In the production of the internal clock is commonly used acrylic, instrumentation or glass mineral. East considered more durable acrylic, it is extremely difficult to break, but it does not shine as much as mineral, in addition, quickly gets striped. Instrumentation is also resistant than mineral glass, but if desired, can be breeze. The most delicate mineral glass does not attract dust and is scratch resistant.


  1. Always pay attention to the fact the facility “read” dial. Look photo, colorful design and a watch are often “blind” cadran. Cette sentence designated hours for which it is impossible to quickly determine the temps. Appareils dial with “blind” may look great on the inside, to attract attention, but it does not work its function base.Bien course, if you have them as a decorative element, there is nothing wrong if this. May you need a clock, which can be easily and quickly see the time, prefer simple models, not too bright or frilly.


  1. Discrete quartz movement arrow always sound loud enough, many people think that the sound is very boring. Yes, you are ill wear ticking of the clock aloud, choose a model with a smooth second hand, or even without she. he should be borne in mind that the mechanical clock ticking ever, but their course is smoother and quieter ticking.