How to Choose a Pregnancy Belt

Among the things that moms must buy often appear the banner of pregnancy and pregnancy belt. And Yes, there are well 2: the headband and belt. It should not be confused because these 2 objects have not at all the same functions.

  • What is the banner of pregnancy and how to choose?

First, the headband is a somewhat elastic fabric that we often wear on a t-shirt and used mainly to make beautiful and maintain his belly to warm a little. There are € 5. As its name suggests it is a simple headband that put on by the head or the feet and that goes around the waist.

The headband can also be used to keep pants that are a little too large or so small that you can’t close the buttons. Some put the blindfold on a t-shirt become too short and which covers more belly or so under the t-shirt that becomes mini and floats in the air. Many women use the headband to so adjust clothing to avoid having to buy more which will serve only a few months.

It is often quite aesthetic with drawings or too cute messages: “there’s a baby in there”, “it’s a boy” or traces of little hands and little feet…

The band can also help you to have a seat on public transport. I remember having struggled to let me a seat on the subway or bus to Paris. Plus I was pregnant in the winter, so people did not necessarily mean that I was pregnant even I opened express my coat to show my big belly and anyway the Parisians are too into their world to notice others. I can criticize, I’m Paris too. In short, I loved public transport from Paris, I hated it when I was pregnant, between people who gave blow of elbows to spend and I yelled to the passage and others who did not leave their place or do so with a big sigh after have well inspected you from head to toe with disdain… So a banner marked explicitly “I’m pregnant” can help get the message gently. However the band does absolutely not support the stomach unlike pregnancy belt. So to choose his headband, take what you please aesthetically speaking, and that’s enough.

  • What is the belt of pregnancy?

Pregnancy belt, it serves to support the belly at the end of pregnancy. This helps to relieve the back. I remember when I was pregnant with my daughter around 6 months, I had terrible back pain, but as I was also without being pregnant, it has worried me more than that. I was still told to buy a belt of pregnancy. As it’s pretty expensive, I hesitated a bit. I ended up cracking and I bought a white. It must be said that we don’t have much of a choice, it’s either white or black. Anyway, you wear under clothing and close to the body, and particularly near the belly, so it’s not bad. What a relief! I didn’t feel that my belly was so heavy in fact, as I had a lot of weight. With pregnancy belt, I felt really light and I didn’t hurt anymore on the back.I was addicted to my belt. I wore it all the time. Then when I went to bed at night, I take it off anyway but as soon as I get up quickly, I put it on and I now feel a real difference. What a great invention! Thank you very much!

So to conclude this article, a band of pregnancy may be useful for aesthetics and to keep the baby warm and stomach. And a pregnancy belt is used to support the belly and feel light. I advise all moms to have a belt of pregnancy if you have a choice.