How to Choose a Metal Water Bottle

metal water bottles are ecological and after the shock on leaching plastic water bottles which cause cancer ‘things’ in the water who drank them, many people are turning to the metal water containers.


1 the purchase of a bottle of water from metal to replace his age, and water bottle ecologically little solid, plastic has never been easier. See the resource list below for some popular brands of metal water bottles.

metal Klean Kanteen water bottles are made of stainless steel and are more restricted in color and design.

Reviews of different brands of metal water bottles can be found on their web sites. Prices are a little expensive, but taking into account the risks to the health and damage from water bottles of plastic worth environmental worth. Prices start at around fourteen dollars for most.

2 more and more companies are putting metal water bottles to keep the eyes open there are many more brands out there that what appears in this list. Some companies that are putting metal water bottles at this time are the new wave Enviro and ecosports.

Search for camping and trekking shops, or online in their catalogues, metal water bottle.

3 most people probably already have one of those metal travel mugs, since it can be found everywhere. These work well for his water bottle and are also cheaper than the previous luxury brands, especially if you already have one. I have one that I got at Starbucks, but can be found everywhere for a few dollars.


  • If you already have a travel mug of metal, use that price initially before putting a lot of money for most metal water bottles like Sigg.
  • Be sure to investigate the brand water bottle you are considering before you buy one.