How to Choose a City Bicycle

Also known as a city bike, bicycle touring is a typical city bike, comfortable and easy to handle, perfect for commuting to work, at the gym and for everyday use. Read the guide to know the characteristics, types, and how to choose the best bicycles on the basis of quality, price, offers and correct information to the consumer.

The city bike is, from an aesthetic point of view, similar to mountain biking but different in performance. In fact the bike more than the performance emphasizes convenience. The latter are distinguished by the presence of lights and reflectors from, required and to use in dark regions, fenders, a rack mounted on the rear wheel, a gearbox with a maximum of 21 gear ratios, a wide saddle, handlebar handy, a bell and mirrors.

On the market there are different models, many of which mimic the lines of yesteryear, when the bike had very large curved frames and wheels. Apart from the aesthetic aspect, the choice of which is entirely personal, there are other elements to be evaluated before proceeding with the purchase of this type of bicycle. First of all the frame, which should always be the right size. Some manufacturers indicate the measure with numbers, others with the small, medium and large.

To make sure you don’t make mistakes and then you take a frame too small or too large is recommended to try it. Particular attention must have brakes, the best are those V-Brake. It is also important that both the handlebars that the saddle is adjustable. Down to ride into town the fundamental condition is convenience. In this regard you should always choose lightweight structures, perhaps in aluminium with wide wheels and suspension forks, which is ideal even for roads not perfectly linear.

For a quality city bike it starts from 300 euros. Cheaper models are also available on the market, for all kinds of budgets, but not always the components are of good workmanship. Therefore, before proceeding with the purchase is always good to make sure that the vehicle in question has all the essential components and that they are at least decent quality.