How to Choose a Bowling Bag

Our tips for choosing your bowling bag

That is for the bag hand bowling?

Handbags bowling are doors round hand bags. They have a look both chic and sportswear while giving you a cool look. The door bag hand style bowling for woman is very trendy. You can wear it with any outfit. This type of handbag caters to women who need to store all their belongings in a minimum of space.

Women who love being able to vary between a bag worn on the shoulder or hand held will appreciate the features of this bag. The bowling for woman bag are equipped with two handles and a handle to the port on the shoulder. It is also a scrip for women who do not wish to change your bag for each outfit because it’s a very versatile handbag. The working girls and lovers of shopping will enjoy the flexibility of this bag.

Carry a purse bowling: benefits

The bowling bag can get married to any outfit. Its rounded shape and its flat bottom as well as its rather large size make him a bag trendy and practice. It is also very worn in fashion shows.

It’s a very popular by fashionistas accessory. Although he is usually handmade, there are models with a shoulder strap for a sportier side.

The bowling bag can be worn for a chic look or good sportswear. If you’re rather casual, you have the choice regarding the material. There are bags bowling in canvas, leather, denim to meet all styles of women, be they students, active or retired.

Criteria for choosing his bowling handbag

The color

Some women will tend to wear Tote in black leather and others will prefer the lighter colors. It is true that black goes with everything. There is no risk of the wrong outfit with a black handbag because it blends with all clothing styles.

Others will prefer the way bowling colored bags to sober clothes. In winter, it is good to focus on Brown, beige, Burgundy color that will enhance your outfit.

The material

If you’re the kind of woman do not want to buy dozens of purses and wallets, we recommend the bowling in leather bags. They are highly durable and timeless. In addition, the leather is a noble material. In addition, if you give your bag to your outfit and change quite often, prefer synthetics. A leather or fabric bag is perfect for you.

The price

Bowling bags are available for all budgets. All you can find 30 euros as you can pay up to 500 euros for a high-end and Tote bowling trend model. If you prefer a cheap woman bowling bag, avoid the big brands and the leather which is a relatively expensive material.

The flagship of bags & Shoes models

Boston Madrid package

We offer this model of Tote shape bowling for woman available in several colors, beige, black, red and full other colours yet. This is a bag made synthetic bowling round. It is possible to carry by hand or over the shoulder thanks to its removable strap.

This bag of the brand package closes with a zipper. It is equipped with a lining. This bag for woman bowling style fits all your outings, at the office, in the evening, on vacation… It fits all occasions. It’s a bag design and robust.

Best Mountain AP03

The large handbag brand Best Mountain woman bowling is a scrip strillee of very high quality. It is distinguished by its handles to loops and his side elegant strille. It’s a pleasant to the touch and to wear. It is equipped with a removable shoulder strap so that you can vary between the port hand or over the shoulder.

The little baggage of everyday AP03 is made in leather which gives resistance and robustness. It is equipped with a pocket for your phone and two flat pockets.

Little Marcel Ole

Litlle Marcel offers this little bag bowling woman equipped with a zippered closure and zippered inside pockets. Its handles and the strap are adjustable according to your desires. It is a worn bag hand with vintage effect.

The Interior is completely double and little messy matter. There is an inscription “Little Marcel” woven on the front. It is an aesthetic woman bowling bag and convenient.

Lollipops starlet

Here’s a shopping bag bowling studded leather of the Lollipops brand appearance. It is a chic and spacious handbag. We love his rock and glamorous side with his big Pompom.

It’s a type made in imitation leather bowling bag. It closes with a zipper. If you like the straps, this model offers a removable shoulder strap.

Desigual bowling bag

The Spanish brand Desigual offers a model of bag door hand bowling. It’s a colorful hand luggage ideal for women who love to stand out since it has large grounds with flowers. It is a practical accessory that will give shine to your outfits.

It is a textile bag with a zipper and zippered inside pockets. The handles and the integrated straps are padded. For maximum strength and protection, the bottom of the Tote shaped bowling is strengthened.

There are external pockets with zipper and a flat pocket for phone. Inside pockets don’t have closure. This bag gives PEP for all women who love the universe shifted and colorful.