How to Change to LED Bulbs

The price of electricity every day is more and more expensive, and look for alternatives to more fuel-efficient appliances, electrical appliances and lighting, to ensure that our electricity bill does not grow in a disproportionate way, and to try to reduce that.

Level of reducing electric consumption of lighting costs, without diminish their quality, levels and flow, and even improving them, the best alternative is, without a doubt, the use of LED lighting.

Many formats of LED bulbs, different manufacturers and brands, as well as with highly disparate qualities are available on the market. All this variety, a priori allows a direct almost any format of bulb replacement, although it is recommended to be sure of the origin of products, workflows, projection angles, color temperatures, yields, types of chips used, warranties, and most importantly, the certifications.

Should be borne in mind also that replacement led bulbs, have size restrictions, since that will fit in the luminaires conventions, they must conform to certain measures. This may affect several parameters of the product LED if the components and materials are top quality, or design of the product is not suitable, for example, to the dissipation of the temperature, which can considerably shorten the lifespan of the led.

Made this reflection on the importance of quality, add that you to any problem or need, is often an alternative solution, i.e., we don’t have because replacing a format determined by some of the same format on LED (which sometimes may not be available in the Thereligionfaqs), and here is our job: provide creative solutions and quality against a given item or specific need situation.

Replacement Of Lighting Changing Format With Led Bulbs, A Practical Example:

Replacement of the existing room lighting. We have replaced the existing format for a different one in LED.In the room there were installed 6 fixtures that sat upon each of them a halogen bulb 150W linear type R7 each. The installation was mounted in a plasterboard ceiling as a drawer. For lights not bother in sight, mounted them on his day a Crystal opal to just let the light through, and the only thing that made this installation was to generate much heat and very little light, with a total consumption of 900W.

There has been an intervention without work. We have previously prepared all materials in the workshop, so change, once in the House, in a couple of hours is determined, no dust, dirt, or discomfort. Why they chose was to replace halojenas luminaires with led spots formed ring + LEDON of 7Wbulb GU10 LED . They have used 2 units led by each existing unit R7 halogen. The result, a saving of 91% in consumption and a remarkable improvement of the quantity and quality of light.

In the workshop became as a few small ceiling of plasterboard where the 2 Recessed rings and bulbs, are mounted to replace existing Opal, crystals and acabdos in the same color of the roof. GU10 ceramic caps are also provided, and he has remained in the frame structure of the luminaire existing, in which panels of plasterboard with hoops and LED bulbs are mounted. The result looks like a double fixture installed explicitly.

Modernised installation, functional and aesthetically, has been significantly reduced consumption, and all this in a fast, simple, way without discomfort for the property, and at a very affordable and adjusted.

Such interventions are extrapolated to other situations, products and formats. You just have to carefully study each case. The mobility need not be complex or expensive, and can be made with 1a products quality and guarantee, with prices and reasonable costs.