How to Build a Toy the Use of a Motor Car

Toy cars are fun to build and can be made from everyday objects in a short period of time. Making the car move, on the contrary, it is actually more fun. If happens it that you have a small electric motor, some batteries or a solar cell sitting around, which has everything you need to make a motorized toy car. It is just a simple case of the construction of the car and adding the engine.


1 cut and shape to the base of the car in the size and shape of its planned car base.

2 paste the shaft brackets at the base of the car. Make sure that you focus, straight, perpendicular to the sides and parallel each other.

3 . glue both of its axes in one of toy wheels.

4 . slide shafts through the holders.

5 decide what will be the axis of the drive shaft. This is the shaft that the engine is attached. Glue one of the other wheels on the non-drive shaft.

6 . attach the motor to the base of the car just above the wheel which is lacking in the drive shaft.

7 . connect the motor to the wheels. If you are using gears, attach a March to the motor, and another slide in the drive shaft. If you are using a rubber band, which exits at both ends – be sure to use only an elastic that tightens around the shaft and the motor shaft. Test the motor: when the shaft is rotated, the motor shaft must rotate.

8 . glue the wheel into its final location.

9 . connect two wires to the motor terminals. You can loop and twist the wires to these terminals. For a more permanent attachment, you can use electrical tape or solder.

10 attach the brackets of the batteries in the vehicle. To give a better balance to the car, it is possible to place them on the opposite side where the motor is connected. Make sure that wires will reach both ends of the battery.

11 . Locate the cable connected to the positive end (+) of the engine and connect that to the positive end (+) of the battery, supports battery or solar cell. You can twist the wire, use electrical tape or solder the two together.

12 attach the remaining wire to the negative (–) terminal of the battery. If you are using a power-off switch, connect one end of the cable to that first, then connect another cable that goes from the battery switch. If you are not using a switch, you should probably simply taped to the battery.

13 see the wheels, as soon as the motor is connected to the battery. The wheels must turn immediately unless the switch is in the “off” position. Your car is ready to roll.


  • Pay attention to the voltage of the motor. Be sure to use only batteries that add up to less than the voltage. For example, if you have a 2 Volt motor, do not use a 9 volt battery or will burn engine.

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