How to Accessorize Evening Dress?

10 women with the same party dress, neither will the the same way. How? With accessories! The guide to customize your party dress.

What Jewelry with My Evening Dress?

The secret to a successful evening dress? A barrel dress and selected accessories. Cheap or luxurious contrary, the evening are essential accessories to enhance your look. Belts, jewelry, bag or wallet, sticky, scarf, hat, everything is permitted provided well involve your dress but also between them.

Essential for an evening: the jewelry. Supplementing your dress with “two, three jewels” or contrary to first focus on your evening dress: for you to see! In all cases, limit yourself to one metal and/or a single color, it’s more chic. As for the type of jewelry: a beautiful necklace can be a wonderful way to draw attention to your neck or chest. Choose the short-cut dress with a V and rather long with such a boat neck or round. A cut dress in the back? Why not wear a long necklace upside? Look for dangling earrings if you think back to your hair in a tail or a bun. They improve your wearing head and boost your femininity. Finally, bracelet (bangle, cuff) or a cocktail ring will enhance your polish and your delicate wrists, as etaizhou suggests.

I Leave My Evening Belt

A fancy belt in your closet? This is the time of the highlights! Placed at the waist, the belt is perfect to boost your curves and bring more structure to your dress. Effect “tailor-made” guaranteed! Gold, silver or encrusted with stones, becomes an original jewel in your evening attire! Even more glamorous belted at the waist: the strapless dress! Leather, thin or wide, evening belt is the ally combinations or long dresses gowns that often need to be bent. To wear a little loose pelvis or waist for a sexy casual look.

A Bag for the Evening

The ultimate accessory with my dress: the evening bag! Flat and wide, worn with a chain or that opens like a wallet: you have a choice, so forget your office bag! Wear evening pouch shows that you pay attention to detail. Also, you feel yourself unique: it’s not every day you have the chance to wear such a bag! To do: choose her bag in contrast to her evening gown. A black dress? Wear red or purple bag! A plain dress? Choose a patterned bag.

Other Ideas for Accessorizing My Evening Dress?

Hat, scarf, fancy tights, suit jacket: it depends on the context! For a winter evening, we will think well to match his tights and warm clothes that you can wear over her evening gown. A marriage? A hat or scarf bring elegance and sophistication. Finally, remember: never more than three accessories to your outfit. And now the shoes to go with my evening gown!