How Many Android Smartphones You Buy in Brazil For the Price of a Apple Watch?

Apple just release the price of your smart watch in Brazil. Are you sitting? The cheapest Apple Watch model arrives for the low price of R $2,899, while the classical version can be found by R $3,299. Below, you can see a list of Android smartphones that you find for the price of a Apple Watch.

  • These are the best Android smartphones available in the market today

1 X Bike Custom Bike Maker Style

  • Review of Moto X Style

When the Apple Watch was launched in 2014, the Moto X Style was still a rumor according to The flagship of Motorola is available in the domestic market since September of this year and can be customized from the Motorcycle Maker platform. Among the highlights of the Moto X Style are the assistants of the Motorola voice and the camera. For the price of the Apple Watch, you buy the Moto X Style and still leaves 800 reais for spend in the cabin.

  • Moto X Style-R $2,499.00 in Motorola official store

Galaxy 1 S6 Edge

  • Review of S6 Edge

The Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the best smartphones you can find today running with the Android operating system. In addition to a screen with superior quality, Samsung’s flagship smartphone has the curved side edges, which makes it unique in your category. If you opt for the Galaxy Edge over the Apple Watch S6, can still save R $299.00 for a dinner for two.

  • Galaxy S6 Edge-R $2,999.00 in Magazine Luiza

2 LG G3 16 GB of internal storage

  • Review of LG G3

The LG G3 was the flagship champ from LG in 2014 and brought the manufacturer for the spotlight of the mobile device market again. The device has a competitive hardware and a great camera. For the price of a Apple Watch you take two LG G3 and can also make a reservation at a nice restaurant in your city with the money left over.

  • LG G3-R $1,499.00 in Magazine Luiza

3 G Bike 2015 with 2 GB of RAM at Bike Maker

  • Review of Bike G 2015

With the launch of the third generation of Bike G 2015, Motorola couldn’t keep the competitive price of previous models, but made the Brazilians spent counting the service Bike Maker. Extremely customizable, Moto G 2015 offers a great experience with the pure Android and a series of features present in rent-heads. By R $3,299 you buy three models of Bike G 2015 and 200 reais to buy a new game for your Play Station 4.

  • Bike 2015-R $1,029.00 G on the Motorola store

4 Redmi 2 Pro

  • Comparative: 2 vs. 2 Redmi Redmi Pro

Three Bike G are not what you are looking for, how about Redmi 2 4 Pro to make the joy of children, nephews, grandchildren or siblings? The newly announced version Xiaomi 2 GB of RAM and with double the internal storage of 2 Redmi in Brazil and, with the confidence that with root access on a smartphone you delete bloatware, I state what you would do with the 2 Redmi Pro you will not cause a smartwatch clock in 2015. So think about it, because with the price of a Apple Watch you can buy 4 Redmi 2 Pro and still save 382 reais.

  • Redmi 2 Pro-R $729.00 at Xiaomi

1 Xperia Z3 Plus

  • Review of Xperia Z3 +

After the software update to cope better with the hardware, the Xperia Z3 + is one of the best Sony smartphones on the market. As we highlight the IP67 certification, a good battery life and a large screen. The current flagship of the Sony national retail costs 800 Reals less than the classic Apple Watch model.

  • Xperia Z3 Plus-R $2,499.99 in Onofre Electro

270 Redmi 2 units

  • Xiaomi Redmi 2

Finally, everyone knows that the manufacturer has a variant of 18-carat gold Apple Watch, right? In Brazil, you can buy this model for 135,000 dollars, the equivalent of 270 Redmi, 2 units of Xiaomi. If you don’t know what to do with 270 Redmi 2 units, how about donating them to a free course of programming and help in the formation of adolescents?

  • Remi 2-R $499.00 at Xiaomi

And there, you’re going to buy Apple Watch?