Hopes For the European Football Championship

It would have been a game to complain about the lack of bite as football players often present. They are as if they lived in a very different time. A time when tasteless worn designer jeans were still very fashionable. The problem lies not in the football players themselves, but how they fashion magazines are constantly being hailed as style icons.

It is really to the question on what grounds the Aftonbladet decided to pay tribute to the British national team man Rio Ferdinand for their sense of style. Especially when there are British fotbollsstjänor that makes Ferdinand look like an anxious kid. Historically, it is George Best who completed a versatile Playboy style with a living. Today’s counterpart is David Beckham who, with his mix of tailored from Savile Row and Tom Ford frequently exhibit a brilliant sense of style.

Swedish football stars are unfortunately rarely much to hang the Christmas tree when it comes to style and clothes, according to cheeroutdoor. The problem when many not least young guys look up to these is that they develop an unhealthy relationship with the concept of style. It’s not that Swedish football players themselves are portrayed as style’s worst enemies. The problem is rather all fashion magazines as time and again let fotbollstsjärnor adorn their front pages. Actually, it is quite absurd that people generally uninteresting for a fashion context becomes seen as style icons.

It is not that it necessarily has to be a contradiction between being well dressed and football player, but to call football players of our era’s greatest style icons only reinforces a dated view of masculinity. Just as if a huge interest in football would provide male vanity to a larger extent. The time when Beckham spearheaded as metrosexuality man is past. Beckham has undoubtedly brought many men style confidence, but now is the big issue rather that give men a basis to develop a personal style. Therefore, Zlatan didn’t get to decorate a cover a fashion magazine until he developed a serious interest in Milanese menswear.

Image: not the direct inspiration for the summer, but one of Beckham’s top outfits in camel overcoat.