Honda Designed Airbag for Mobile Phones

The automaker Honda has developed a legendary revolutionary cell phone accessories: the air bag for the mobile phone. The air bag for the mobile dissolves out automatically, as soon as the phone is dropped and it protects against the risk of impact. You can see how the whole thing works, in the YouTube clip:

The Japanese have invented Yes quite a bit on that none of us here ever thought in Europe. Now the automaker makes Honda in a commercial YouTube resurfaced. The company has invented nothing less than the ultimate all-around protection for mobile phones: the mobile airbag. This airbag intercepts even falls from a great height and protects against dents to the Smartphone. A Japanese engineer will be shown in the YouTube video of Honda, who developed the mobile airbag with the smartphones in the future are protected against impact, when they hit the ground. The engineer performs some case studies and experiments with different prototypes in the video, until he finally comes the idea of the mobile air bags. The name of the mobile air bags: Smartphone case N.

Who now asks where he can buy the Smartphone case N, I must disappoint the unfortunately, because this mobile airbag is unfortunately not to a real, to erwerbendes cell phone accessories, the Smartphone case N is indeed nothing more than a publicity stunt by Honda! Because let’s face it: put his cell phone in such a case N who would? Because the Smartphone case N is not particularly stylish nor fit because of its enormous size just so in the trouser pocket, likely a few customers are likely to find themselves who really want to buy it. However: the idea of the mobile air bags is not really new, Jeff Bezos, the head of the Internet Department store Amazon, got a patent for a mobile airbag the 2012. Remains the question of whether he will eventually also manufactures the mobile airbag and we can buy it on Amazon.