High Collar Winter Coat

The coldest season of the year has begun and with it we are about to face low temperatures-always, of course, with a lot of attitude and style. And this winter, in particular, a trend was present in fashion weeks and promises to be the bet of the most tuned: turtlenecks!

Beautiful and sophisticated, she is able to let any stylish woman, even in more casual productions. I don’t need to tell you how much I’m a fan, because at the time of the purchases always give preference to classical pieces and timeless – and coat, no doubt, is one of them. Check it out in today’s post some winter looks directoryaah selected to inspire you!

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All black compositions are always right. The Turtleneck knit gets a modern look when combined with another piece that is super in evidence today: the leather skirt. Use with or without tights – the choice is your.

For those who enjoy productions in dark tones but want to run a little bit the black tip is to invest in a piece in color. Double knit skinny leather pants + fluffy wins a charm for there special with a touch of color in the pumps.

With pencil skirt and a belt, turtleneck knit forms a great option to look for work in cold days. Already if you want to have a more modern touch in the production Office, invest in recess calling him Jacques strap of leather-it breaks the formality without giving up the elegance!

And in no fashion how to speak in turtlenecks without remembering the wonderful fur collars. Synonymous with sophistication, they are the face of the winter, and can be used with sweaters and jackets or dresses, doing the times of accessory and becoming protagonists of the look.

The maxi poncho type tricôs are beautiful, comfortable and super versatile. On a daily basis can be used with jeans and an it bag, and if the idea is a more elaborate production worth up to wear them as dresses – complementing with over the knee boots powerful!

And for those who enjoy more casual looks, the classic combination of knitted turtlenecks + jeans + fur vest is perfect for those day trips on weekends. Guarantees a practical and comfortable without leaving aside the style!