HiFi in the Porsche Boxster

In the Porsche Boxster convertible to cruise, a dream – is only right if the right plant on board.

Who’s driving a convertible, has fun at the omission: no solid roof over your head promises more fun in the summer, without rear seats it is still intimate – two in the front and the absence of a large trunk reliably prevents that you abused his open cars for despicable IKEA purchases. Trade-offs? No, attitude to life. Also at the HiFi, convertibles require a very special way of thinking. So the pressure Chamber effect of the cab of the vehicle is due to the fabric hood lower much than on a tin roof car; Moreover, the course is rare. However, it should sound good when the roof is open as closed. A difficult task, especially for the bass response and the installation of the components. The plant is to make fun, but this seems to be impossible so well at first glance given the conditions in the vehicle.

Timo big audio system Europe in the Swabian London decided in his black Porsche Boxster S of series of 987 for omitting: his conditioning comes out without a subwoofer. “I was just sure: the doors offer best conditions with about 50 litres each 16-speaker volume, against a 20 subwoofer in the 8-litre Winzgehause does not arrive”, explains major. As it had built in the plant, he saw immediately confirmed his acceptance of the first trial runs: “This is not a compromise, but a win-win situation”, so the Porsche fan.