Hello Kitty School Backpack

With the beginning of the year, parents are already worried about their children’s school supplies. There are so many products and necessities that it becomes impossible to spend little, even more with the demands and wants of the children who are getting smarter every day.
But do not despair, as here are some Hello Kitty school backpack offers for girls who are always so vain.

A backpack like this one that has: hand strap, custom zipper in pink with colors that mimic soap bubbles, adjustable straps for the back, three outer pockets. Fabrics in: satin, polyester and PVC.

It is available for purchase on the Lojas Americanas website, for only: R $ 79.90 reais or 3x (equal) without interest of R $ 27.43 reais. The installments can be from 2 to 12x without interest only in the credit card or in the store’s own card. You can get it from your site, telesales or at a store near you.

Already on the out site, there is a Kello Kitty backpack slightly larger than the one previously mentioned. With: hand strap, all in pink and star designs according to NEWVILLEOUTDOOR.
For: R $ 89.00 in cash or 3X (equal) of R $ 29.67 reais.

For some girls, it is tiring and detrimental to health to carry many materials on the back and shoulders. So a great and appropriate choice is the backpack with wheels that can also be found at Kalunga.com.
The look of it is equal to the backpack of the price of $ 89.00. The differential is the size and wheels that provide greater comfort and practicality.

The price is in R $ 109.00 real in sight or in 3x (equal) of R $ 36,33 reais.