Headphones Monster Mobile Jamz

The monster Mobile Jamz feels most comfortable on the dance, pop or hip-hop parquet. Silent piano concertos, however, are not his strength.

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In addition to the monstrous headphone models with celebrity flair (“beats by Dr. Dre”), which are now on many teenage head, Monster leads also smoother in-ear models. For the avid cell phone users, for example, the “mobile Jamz”. Its microphone and remote control can be used thanks to three enclosed adapter on mobile phones beyond the 3.5 mm standard interface of the iPhone and BlackBerry.

The connection to the computer, no matter whether PC or Mac, is possible with the help of a small connector – then serves the monster ear equipment not only as listeners, but as complete headset for communication programs like Skype & co. So there’s what but also in the phone breaks on the ears, Monster all cell phone owners with acute shortage of storage space gives a micro-SD card with two gigabyte capacity together with the card reader for the PC and matching software. Simply select the appropriate phone model, loaded SD card with music – and thus in the device. So is back from the old mobile phone, hypothetically a mobile jukebox.

And because the mobile Jamz with a good portion of extra bass comes along, it can enjoy gladly on the demanding dance, pop or hip-hop parquet. Silent piano concertos, however, are perhaps not quite the métier of more bass and Presence stressed handset. With the appropriate music but plays the mobile Jamz refreshing undistorted and alive, without seeming dull or overly chubby, and makes party even at high levels consistently.

Monster Cable mobile Jamz

Manufacturer Monster Cable
Price €120.00
Rating 65.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Function principle dynamic
Weight 8.6
Accessories Micro SD card 2 GB, card reader, cloth bag, 3 adapter, 1 PC adapter, software, 6 pairs of ear adapters, micro
Connection plug Jack plug 3.5 mm
Measured values
Impedance 18.2 ohm
Efficiency 105.0 dB
A portion of the extra bass and lots of accessories
Might sometimes to bass-heavy sound
Review sound 65
Operation Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment 65
tested in 6 / 10