Headphones AKG K 370

The AKG K 370 (100 euro) made with less (upper) bass effect provided than the Klipsch model, with its rhythmic vitality already good and more expensive listeners competition

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Also the Austrian headphones specialist AKG white to the growing demand for good headphones with hands-free option. Accordingly, serious offer by 100 euros to all the K 370 is iPhone and BlackBerry owners.

Trimmed visually on black silver business look, the in-ear brings also his black pouch set, in which practical accessory as the adapter for the inflight entertainment in the aircraft store allows. The microphone for hands-free in the practice test gave no cause for complaint; the remote controls the answer, stop, skippt and starts the selected song from iPod & co.. The volume on the iPhone 3GS or shuffle but remain unregulated.

Acoustically the AKG for an in-ear played amazing space; Instruments and voices broke away more of the listeners – perhaps enabled by the slightly curved seat in the ear. Compared to the Klipsch S4i, a larger image; actually managed the 370 K especially details came more alive, but also more directly. Equipped with less (upper) bass effect than the Klipsch model, he was already good and more expensive listeners competition, with its rhythmic vitality about the ultimate ears Super.fi 4 (vi).

AKG K 370

Manufacturer AKG
Price €100.00
Rating 65.0 points
Test procedure 1.0

Technical data and test results

Function principle dynamic
Weight 5.5
Accessories Case, 3 pairs of ear adapters, extension, airplane adaptor, microphone with answer
Connection plug Jack plug 3.5 mm
Measured values
Impedance 31.6 ohm
Efficiency 109.0 dB
Physically, well resolved; good speakerphone
Direct listening to very loud
Review sound 65
Facilities Very good
Processing Very good
Sound judgment 65
tested in 6 / 10