Hats for Different Face Shapes

There’s just something nice about a woman in a hat. Part of the mysterious, part of a sophisticated, completely stylish (not to mention warm), topping to your head with a fedora, cloche, or hat is essential, as the weather turns cold. But, as finding the right clothes for your body type, you need to choose the right hat face shape. Whether the computer is Oval, Square, Round or heart-shaped, Long, there’s a flattering look on there for you. Here are 10 styles to get you started.

Quiz: What face shape? Find out now.

1 Heart Face Shape: a Drop in the Ocean

When the forehead is wide, but China is a narrow, brim can help balance out the face shape, but if you go too wide, the Chinese appear in even narrower. One solution: a bucket hat. This tweed Eugenia Kim version has 2-inch brim-super flattering, heart-shaped face.

2 Heart Face Shape: Faux Real

Such as an oval face shapes, heart shape, look good in most of the hat styles. Trendy, the hipster vibe, whether slouchy Knit Beanie. We are smitten with this wild look from Mars, the giant faux fur Pom-Pom on top. Available in Burgundy, ivory, charcoal and black, we just might be the one of each shade.

3 Long face Shape: Hats off

To help shorten the long face, try a hat with a big, round lierijoka can be pulled down low on the forehead. Just be sure to avoid hats high crowns-they’ll only make your face look even longer.

4 Long Face Shape: Cloche Call

Retro, 1920s-style cloche (which is the French Bell) is not only the style sophisticated, but also flatters long face, when filled to the brim with hide forehead. This seemed like a version of the polka dot band and bow and is lined with Paisley. Must.

5 Oval Face Shape: Raspberry Beret

the oval of the face looks pretty and so en Vogue-modern, slouchy beret. This is the number of the Red knit Ugg Australia will keep you warm, cozy and stylish whether you’re heading out on the terrace, on the way to work or to meet friends for an evening in the city. Belle, oui?

6 Oval Face Shape: Play Ball

When your face is oval, you can rock out in pretty much any hairstyle, sunglasses stylish-you guessed it-the hat. This season, JCREW brings back the classic baseball cap, but the bling in this wine-colored, Crystal-embellished wool version will take you to the minors Major League fashionista.

7 Round Face Shape: Boys on the Side

If the face is round, to create the illusion of length seek fedora high Crown. Tallness in this felt like the style will help slim your face, while the asymmetrical brim is also slimming. Toss in that flirty floral ornament and you have a winner. But do not let it go to your, uh, head, OK?

8 Round Face Shape: Stop the Presses

Round face-one of which is as wide as it will benefit from have a long newsboy style. Cocked to the side, angle will help slim your face, as well as the brim. This camel knit look of the Echo is a classic, but not at all old hat.

9 Square Face Shape: to the Brim

The women in the square, angular face shapes look lovely in wide-brimmed hat, which help to soften a wide jawline. Irregular wire brim with this knitted style flatters the corners, and lace trim adds a bit of femininity to boot.

10 Square face shape: Head Case

Balance out strong, square face felt Hat-brim and a soft, fedora narrow indented Crown. A short brim Catarzi villa, velvet trim and pinned to the Crown, which gives a nod to the menswear-but really beautiful way.