Hannspree Sports Watch

To make a hole in the middle of so many products wearables, Hannspree launched a smart, economical and functional Watch called Hannspree Sportwatch. A new mobile device to quantify our day to day.

Hannspree Sports Watch

With a screen OLED monochrome and connectivity Bluetooth 4.0, This new smart watch monitor the daily physical activity as well as the quality of sleep night.

It is compatible with devices Android and iOS, so, we can receive on the wrist, by means of a vibration, all kinds of notifications that you receive our smartphone.

Is water resistant and promises a range of between 5 and 8 days, which again it a very useful gadget for our day to day, but its more competitive feature is its price, of only 35 euros, that attractive no doubt again under the gaze of those who seek a smart, simple but functional watch but do not want to spend much money.

Hannspree Sportwatch is, for the Insidewatch, the cheaper smart watch available on the market and, if simple, equally functional and aesthetically acceptable.