Hands on with Samsung Ativ Q

We presented a short while ago the ATIV Q, Samsung’s hybrid, and colleagues from Engadget excite us with their opinions written, photographed and filmed this product that embodies all that is the Korean company.

Let’s start with those letters by our colleagues: the positive first impression had her qHD +Panel, whose resolution definitely out parameter (3,200 x 1,800 pixels) surprised everyone, together with the inclusion of the new i5 processor Intel Haswell series, which will guarantee a decent autonomy to the device without affecting too much performance. As for the keyboard, in addition to the classic two ways we can use this kind of tablet, there is a third, that, taking the screen lifted and parallel to the keyboard, will allow us to write without having to put to a surface.

You can then rotate the display to further show the contents of our screen even to those who are in front of us, but the thing that definitely has also left us speechless was the work of Samsung in the integration between Windows 8 and Android: the transition between the two systems is really simple, just a tile of the Modern UI or a tap on an app in our launcher and thes witch is served. Also, it’s really comfortable the ability to install on Microsoft applications system created to the robot, which will be rolling directly without having to enter the Google operating system and although it is an already known and developed idea, lets really stunned that Samsung has chosen to implement it so transparent to the end user.

What do you think of this hybrid Korean? Before you give us your opinion, take a look at the gallery and at the video below, you might change your mind.