Halloween Costumes for Pregnant

You’re expecting and want to join the scariest holiday of the year? Here is a list of Halloween costumes for pregnant women

Halloween costumes for pregnant women

On Halloween one can disguise even though you are pregnant. There are many ways to hide the baby bump is for Halloween but for Carnival.

You can choose to dress up in a costume bought specially for the occasion, maybeonline in any American shop, where for this kind of articles much more choice, or you can sew a costume at home, perhaps helped by a relative or friend who means of sewing

Or you can sort it by the bump and making him a shirt portraying himself pitted strategically sprouting around it or decorating a maternity and picturing your Jersey orapplying over sampled felt that form for example the outline of a skeleton or a bat.

The ideas are many, we will show you some of them in our gallery on agooddir.com.

You can get dressed as an Angel with wings or bee pregnant. And if you have a really great sense of humor and want to play with your image here is the costume, a mermaid or a nun.

Alternatively you can think of a costume that matches that of your children, like the one from skeleton Halloween costume, classic and timeless existence.

The important thing is to remember that even if you want to celebrate Halloween and would wear a costume appropriate to the occasion the watchwords should be comfort and practicality. Of course it’s hard to imagine to stay the whole evening at a Halloween party or a public event with a faux oven surrounding your baby bump. Maybe such an idea should be considered only for a fun evening to pass in the House, to laugh with the kids and take lots of pictures.

If you’re planning a Halloween party and you’ll have to stay with the costume for so many hours better to opt for a skeleton costume (perfect disguise as children, fromscheleltrino, or from large skeleton and ghosts), or witch.

Even better, if you don’t mind the proudly display your baby bump you can paint over it and turn it into a Halloween Pumpkin, attention only to use non-toxic colours and natural as possible.

Finally, don’t underestimate the importance of wearing a wig or do a Halloween hairstyle that is truly amazing.